Kumik Village - Fang

Alexis - You rode for an hour into the dark with Tar leading the way. The fire would only prove a distraction for so long before they realised their prisoner was gone. Luckily Tar seemed to have an unnatural knowledge of these mountains for one that had only been here for a couple of years. Eventually he leads you to a narrow canyon with jagged halls, dotted with cave entrances. You recall Voah's and Tarmen's ordeal and your own, down in the mine and the Ypogeios and hope the man knows what he is doing.

You don't know how he managed to free Hunter from his shackles or how he carried him back to the horses but he delivered on his promise. You have found one of your companions and hopefully Hunter can tell you about Islana and her fate. Or at least you hope so. Of course, having delivered you to your companion there is the small matter of the deal you made with Tar, to address.

You make camp inside a large cavern that you can walk your horses in. Tar advises against a fire. He looks at the state of Hunter. The man is obviously weak, sunburnt and dehydrated. He has been branded as a slave, Tar explains to you pointing at his shoulder.
"He needs a bath..." he mumbles under his breath.

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