A Different World

Left speechless by the young man's reaction to her admission, Islana just stood there for a moment trying to let her mind come to terms with what was happening.

It was difficult to comprehend. Part of her still expected the acknowledgement to be met with disgust. Hiding who she truly was had just been part of her entire life.

Thinking back to her family, watching as her brother and sister were each allowed to go into town. Begging to do the same and being told no by her father over and over. He was trying to keep her safe, which now the redhead understood, but as a child it just made her feel like her father was ashamed of her. That had given her a sense of shame and fear about her ability, that internally, she was still dealing with.

Islana's whole life knowing that her magik was something to hide yet also something that was very much a part of her. Even the extremely few people she had told didn't meet the reaction of the man standing in front of her.

Green eyes watched as he walked closer, instinctively her legs wanted to back up but the young guard stopped before getting to close.

The excitement poured out of him and into the room as the clansman started gesturing and talking fast. Islana had no idea what he was saying, until he stopped and said "show"

It was all a little surreal. Just enough that the redhead's mind needed to catch up. The words - but I need to be outside - almost crossed her lips but quickly realized outside likely wasn't allowed for her.

There was more than one to accomplish the man's request. Islana walked over to the window. The guard walked with her and stood in front of her. A deep breath, eyes closed for a moment, then opened. The familiar thought.

Kaithak come

The green flash across her eyes and the falcon landing on her arm.

She pulled the bird in through the window and looked at the man.

It was as if the newly proclaimed witch had given the young guard a gift, as was evident by the huge smile on his face. He spoke again, and made a hand motion which Islana understood as again.

Okay, then one more time.

Back to the window.


The falcon flew off. The man was excited and started to try to speak to Islana again, but was cut off by the older guard re-entering. Saying something to the younger one. Which ended with the younger one giving Islana a wave with a smile and the two guards heading back outside. Apparently, break was over.

It wasn't long after a slave came in and took the tray with the now dirty dishes. Then Islana was left alone with her thoughts which ran from memories that lingered, to the guilt over failing Hunter that was still eating at her, to missing her friends, to wondering what was going on at the feast, and finally to trying to comprehend the young guard, this society and how differently magik was viewed here.

A slave here, Shalia's slave. Not free to come and go, or use her bow, or hunt or any of the many things accessible to her in Ostiarium but able to freely be a witch.

Ostiarium, a free woman, but not free to use her magik. Which had been a bondage of a different sort. Something the redhead was starting to grasp.

As the rug and pillows met her back and her gaze met the soft, silky fabric hanging from the ceiling, her mind continued to try to comprehend what had occurred tonight. That was going to take awhile…

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