Jp with Jaxx and Bandorchu

Alexis made do with what she had to make Hunter as comfortable as circumstances allowed.

“Don’t we all…”
she murmured regarding Tar’s comment about a bath.

Fetching the water skin, she tried to feed a little bit of liquid to her friend, mindful not to overdo it.

Hunter was barely alive at this point as he could feel that he was being relocated. He had no idea who was moving him or why but at this point he was to tired and weak to do anything about it. Since he was barely fed or given water his senses were in bad shape and he could barely see at this point. Normally he would be in a lot more pain from the sunburn and blisters but the poison he was fighting had numbed his nervous system a lot and the dehydration didn't help the situation either. So when he felt the water dripping into his mouth he almost chocked it up. His breathing was raspy and weak as he coughed a bit. He tried to see who was helping him but his blurred vision made it hard to see. Since his hearing was off as well, everything he was hearing sounded like he was hearing an echo from under water. For a moment he thought he knew the voice he had heard but he could not reply with a parched throat. He was a grown man reduced to the state of a large baby depending on a mother for support and protection. He wondered if the natives were planning on killing him soon.

“Take it easy.”

Alexis carefully helped the weakened man to sit up a little.

“You here with us? Think you can manage a bit more water?”

Hunter opened his mouth as he craved the water again. However he was not sure if he was going to get anymore since he was denied to many times by his captors. It didn't make any sense to slowly let him die since it wasted their resources to keep him alive and since they gave him so little food and water he would not be useful as a slave. Sadly it was a moot point by now since he was thirsty and starving. So when the water entered his mouth again his body wanted to get as much as possible but he lacked the strength to lift his arms to grab the water container. This caused some water to leak from his mouth and dribble down his burnt and blistered body.

Alexis helped Hunter with the water skin, taking it slow.

Too much water at once might have him throw up in his state, and that was the last thing they needed right now.

When it seemed he had his fill for the time being, she patiently waited for some sign of lucidity.

Hunter felt better as he got more water in him. Granted he was still dehydrated, he could actually swallow for the first time in a while. He had no idea how he was cooking under the sun at this point but he was looking and feeling like a raisin. He tried to reach out to the person who gave him water to feel who it was but he could barely life his arms at this point.

“They really took a number on you…”

Alexis sighed. She looked through their provisions for something easy to swallow and settled for some bread. She broke it into very small pieces.

“Shall we give this try? Careful though.”

She put a piece of bread to his lips.

Hunter felt something going into his mouth but sadly his tastebuds were dried up so he didn't know what it was. It felt hard at first but eventually got softer now that his mouth was wet again. In his hazy memory he recalled a similar sensation as he ate fresh bread for the first time. It was delicious back then and he was hoping that he was indeed eating bread instead of something gross made by the natives. It took a while to eat the bread much he began to crave it as he opened his mouth for more. He even managed to groan as he waited for more food and water. he wished he could speak or see for that matter.

Hunter being able to deal with some food was a good thing.

She fed him the rest of the bread bit after bit, as long as he seemed to be able to handle it, and some more water afterwards.

“Hey, Hunter. Can you hear me?”

The voice sounded like he was hearing it underwater so he was not sure if he was hearing things. He was hopeful that he was being helped but not sure if he was still seeing things again. He forced his head to give a small nod, but since his nervous system was still messed up he was not sure if his body was working correctly. He wanted to speak but was only able to give a small moan.

Alexis gave a thin smile.

“There’s a start.”
Seemed it would take a while until he was going to be halfway functional again.
She winced in sympathy looking over the damage the continued exposure to the elements had done to his body.

She put the waterskin into his hands.

“Here. Give it a try, but don’t worry too much about it. I’ll be back in a few.”

She moved the assassin a bit so he could lean on a stone wall and approached Tar to see wether his mysterious in depth knowledge of the area also included a nearby water source.

Hunter heard the underwater voice again and was beginning to think it was a woman's voice, as he moved again. Then he felt something in his hand that was firm and squishy. He used his hand to feel around it and the first thing that came to his mind was a water skin. Sadly he lacked the strength to pull it up to his mouth. He wondered if this was some kind of cruel torture he would have to endure. He needed more water so he he pushed his body to lift the water skin with his shaking hand. He opened his mouth with expectation only to spray water on his face instead. Some water went up his nose along with his eyes and ears and this caused him to cough a bit. Ironically the water added moisture to his eyes again and allowed him to open his eyes a bit more.

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