Get the Horses!

JP with Voah and Gonyaul:

The Odsier warrior was pushed back from Voah and Gonyual, now armed with only one dagger.

Using her existing momentum, Voah charged forward with her sword pointed at his chest. He swung wildly at it and tried knocking it out of the way as he retreated backwards without looking, until he stumbled over bodies and debris.

Gonyaul relented on his persistent distractions with the blanket. It was evident that Voah had the upper hand. In addition, he did not want to go walking among dead bodies if he didn’t have to. He relaxed and was off to the side watching the man stumbling for balance. It shouldn’t be long till Voah had him subdued now.

Hopeful of that outcome, Gonyaul still picked up a rock just in case.

The horses were spooked by something and started to wander off. By this point, Voah bore down on the warrior to sort of keep him on the ground and make him yield. It felt wrong to kill this man at this point, she just pitied him.

“I don’t want to hurt you!” she tried to say calmly.

The man was obviously distraught and unable to fight at his full capacity. That was good for Voah and Gonyaul but he either didn’t understand that they were trying to help or he didn’t want their help.

“Gonyaul, get the horses!” it was more of a command than she meant to give, but she was in fight mode and hoped he would understand.

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