Voah Disarmed

JP with Voah and Gonyaul:

Gonyaul knew the difference between anger and urgency in a voice. He turned to see the horses spooked and moving away at Voah’s imperative command. He turned and began sprinting after them. He nimbly navigated around the dead and debris gaining on them.

“Amu … Litany … stop. Return.”

Litany did start to slow. Amu eventually also came to a halt to stay closer to Litany.

Meanwhile, the Odsier survivor’s eyes pierced into Voah. They were glazed over by a mixture of deep grief and vengeful fury. He had mistaken the two of them to be less capable then they were and it had cost him the unfavorable position of being subdued at sword point. He growled shouting something in reply to Voah. He wasn’t relenting or showing signs of fear. In fact he was escalating in confidence.

While Voah was partially distracted he hurled his remaining knife at her. Her peripheral vision caught the action in time to dodge. It gave him the window to spring to his feet with fists full of loosened dirt. He threw the dirt cloud into Voah’s eyes. While blinded, Voah felt a harsh kick to her gut that sent her sprawling over. The rough impact with the ground knocked her sword from her grip. The man quickly kicked the weapon far off to the side.

The Odsier flexed his entire body as if straining under lifting a great weight. There was a very noticeable groaning of the earth around them. Then a sudden shift of the surface.

All around the ground rippled like hard water waves from a circle twenty feet out and it began rapidly moving inward towards the man. When it reached him, the earth swallowed up and over his entire form.

Moments later he was encased in earthen armor and moving aggressively towards Voah again. As he stepped, the surface of the earth seemed to compact in on itself to become harder; however, leaving itself softer where his joints were for mobility. His speed was slower. One could deduce the magikal power he was wielding was taxing.

Voah had the wind knocked out of her and when she got the dirt out of her eyes she saw the display of magik before her. By the Pillars! Voah hadn’t witnessed a force like this kind before. It was as if the earth had come alive beneath her and she was thrown off balance.

She dove and rolled back to her feet, turning to see the warrior emerge from chunks of dirt and grass that accumulated around his form.

That pity was pushed from her heart and the hatred of Arbiter boiled to the surface and at once determined the man’s fate.

She marched forward toward her sword and smiled because she knew she would see the warrior’s surprise when she cut through his magikal defenses just as she had done to the redcap.

But that didn’t happen, before she could reach the sword, the man formed a thicker shield-like mass around his left arm and he bashed her with it. The man reacted quickly, in his element, and shook the earth beneath her. Rock and root roiled and covered Voah’s legs almost up to her knees before hardening and pinning her in place.

The sword rolled off to the side and her legs had sunken in and were stuck.

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