Magik and Earth

JP with Voah and Gonyaul:

The horses neighed with anxiety, feeling a change in the atmospheric pressure seconds before the magik unnaturally took hold of the environment. Gonyaul was holding their reigns and trying to get them to follow him back; however, they refused. He was unable to budge them and lost hold when the sound of the ground moving over near Voah vibrated the earth beneath his own feet.

Gonyaul quickly looked to them and noticed a sight he would have loved to explore in more detail with his senses and curiosity. Yet not in this case. In this instance it was threatening Voah.

Gonyaul shouted, “Etemay, ojonak arak eranah is San!” and found a way to raise himself to another gear of speed as he was sprinting back to help.

Gonyaul could see they were fighting once more. His hopes gasped as he saw her get encased up to her knees in earth, immobilizing her.

“Ognab!” He cried out.

With Voah rooted in earth, he lifted his arms with a powerful tension in his motion. Earth shifted and continued climbing behind her. Next, It rammed her from behind, bending her against her will forward. Her left and right arms were swallowed by earth up to the elbow the moment she used it to brace her face from hitting the ground.

He wasn’t content with her earthen bondage. He crunched forward, reached out into the air, and then strained to pull his hands back to himself. Earth blanketed over Voah, who was pinned on all fours, cocooning her in a prison of dirt till basically her head alone was visible. She could feel the weight of complete confinement all around her.

She was now in the perfect position to deliver a targeted blow to the head. He growled and dug his hands into the earth. When he pulled them out his hands were covered in large spheres of rock. He moved closer, with the intent of bringing them down onto her skull with a life ending smash.

That is when he heard Gonyaul shouting at him. With the woman no longer posing a threat, he turned his attention to the approaching man.

The Odsier remembered how quick the fellow could move, but he was unarmed and would never make it to his friend with what he had in store. He brought both of those larger than life fists up above his head, his legs working hard to balance himself and then brought them down until they smashed into the ground in the direction of Gonyaul.

The earth, in a conical shape that moved outward from him and towards Gonyaul, erupted upwards in rings of consecutive earthen fragments the size of boulders. It was like his magik was moving through the ground and exploding it upwards.

Voah’s sight of Gonyaul was completely lost by the newly created objects, flying dirt and dust.

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