Prisoner or Guest?

JP with Voah and Gonyaul:

As she headed back to the fallen Bonecaster of Erewhon, she easily shackled the wrist of what she assumed was his dominant hand. Then she rolled the body so that she could shackle them together behind his back.

She was still breathing heavily and began to pace silently. There was no exact plan yet except to get away from the stink of war and death.

“Help me get him on my horse, please.”

“Yes” he simultaneously signed thank you for Voah not putting the man to the sword.

Gonyaul assisted Voah in getting the bound man onto Litany. Once the task had been accomplished, they secured him to the horse. It would not be good for the man to wake and accidentally, or willingly, fall off the horse.

Gonyaul was quiet during this time. He could tell Voah was thinking through things and didn’t want to interrupt her train of thought. In addition, he thought she didn’t really care to hear much more from him anymore.

Gesturing to the dead bodies, twenty in total, Gonyaul finally did speak.

“We need to bury the dead Odsier.” He ended his gesture towards the pregnant woman. It felt wrong to let them remain exposed to the birds, beasts and the elements.

Their best chance of digging so many graves was unconscious right now, but Voah didn’t recall the earth shaper being friendly enough to help before.

Voah looked around at the mess. The pregnant woman did concern her, but all that had happened in the last few minutes really threw off her compassion. Now the Arbiter was beginning to hide her ugly face once more and Voah’s sympathies were fighting to return.

Did these people bury or burn their dead? She didn’t know the man or this tribe but she questioned whether a whole group of people deserved to be slaughtered like this?

~…you are a witch hunter, you know full well there are groups of people who need to be slaughtered…~ said her inner Arbiter.

‘…but these people aren’t all witches, nor have they had the chance to know the Pillars. They don’t deserve to be carrion.

Pillars… speak to me. Is it truly your will… that I should kill an already broken man… because he can wield magik? Vastad, did all of these people earn your judgement? Zin… was it their time?’

Voah quietly walked over to check on the pregnant woman and determine whether or not it was too late to save the baby.

Gonyaul followed after her, bringing the horses and their new prisoner; though in Gonyaul’s mind he was a guest.

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