Vaux Identified

JP with voah and Gonyaul:

Gonyaul didn’t budge. Inwardly his heart was racing. The sword was now pointed at him. It’s distance was so close that he doubted he could evade easily, or at all, based on her skill level if she went for a strike.

He noticed the pain in her eyes. This worried him even more because hurt people, hurt people. Gonyaul tried to pour forth as much empathy towards her as possible. Even though he was firm and unyielding, his tone was always kind and loving.

“Why? Voah. Why Pillars say witch no live? You know this answer?”

He paused, “Other gods like witch live. Why not Pillars? Why not Voah save life instead of take life when able?”

Gonyaul was wondering in the back of his mind about the quotes she just used. For Vastad, is everyone that disagrees an enemy that needs smiting. For Zinheim, what does that even mean; I am the truth behind the beautiful lie.”

Logic failed her. She was acting purely on belief, trauma, and emotion. Already she had defied her Gods by allowing so many others to live or go unscathed… granted, those others hadn’t tried to kill her with magik.

“That isn’t my place to question. It is known. Magik is an aberration of nature. It IS evil and you are twisting my mind even more with your questions.”

She was projecting herself onto Gonyaul and trying to convince herself that it was all an outward conspiracy against her. But those questions were her own, already haunting her with uncertainty in her own beliefs.

Staring into those forgiving eyes was not helping. It was like the night when they had met the preacher all over again. Voah didn’t want to calm down. It felt like everything was about to come toppling down.

She lowered the blade from his chest. Both of them knew full well that she couldn’t kill Gonyaul. Instead, it was Voah’s turn to pit Gonyaul’s own words against him.

“You said, ‘For me, anything.’ You said, I am a ‘good idea.’ And you never lie.”

Gonyaul said nothing immediately so she continued, “I would think that a Vaux would understand why I must do this and agree that magik must be destroyed. …Yes I know what you are… and I am a damned fool.”

Gonyaul exhaled in relief as she lowered the sword. She identifying him as a Vaux surprised him and he was stunned silent for a moment with a uncertainty about how to proceed. No one had ever called him out on it until just now. He wonder if this just jeopardized his relationship, life and/or freedom.

He looked more scared, behind his eyes, then she had ever seen him before and was tongue tied, struggling to speak.

It was a very pregnant silence before he collected himself enough to begin to address her words, “Yes, for you anything. Anything that help you become best you. Anything that keep you protect. Anything that delight. This not that. You want me help you become twisted up inside more hate, evil and cause pain?”

“Vaux understand well danger of faith and magik people. But we forgive them. Magik not make one bad no more than a sword in your hand make you bad, only in how use it. This mean come down to individual, not ALL peoples.”

He dropped his hands exhausted by this never ending cycle of hate and maliciousness. “When does pain and killing stop? Both sides be doing same thing for long time and same results. More spreading death and pain. Try new way.” He knew that to change outcomes, that never seemed to change, one needed to first change their belief system. That in turn would change behaviors and actions. That would lead to new results.

He switched gears and tried to encourage her. “I not give my heart to fool. I love amazing woman. You no fool.”

~You knew this was coming and you knew you would break his heart… Did you really think he would just accept you as a witch hunter?~ said the inner Arbiter.

Sheathing her sword, she rubbed her temples and her face with both hands.

‘He is right. Killing him already felt wrong… and it still does.’ responded the inner Voah.

~Tell that to the Purger.~

“Try a new way…”

Voah just walked away over to Litany and started rummaging in her pack. When she was done, she returned with the metal shackles she found on the Alossi ship.

Gonyaul felt awful standing firm on principles which frustrated Voah. There was also a sinking feeling that he lost his chance to continue growing in a relationship with her now that she confirmed what he was.

Gonyaul remained with the Odsier man, curious what Voah was going to do next. When she returned with the metal shackles he thought for a second and then moved out of her way. This was at least a compromise and hopefully temporary. And perhaps smart, the man wasn’t going to stay unconscious forever.

Binding him could give them more time to come to an understanding with how to proceed forward.

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