Arbiter: License to Kill

JP with Gonyaul and Voah:

She sighed and ran her hand through her wavy golden hair, which was now full of dirt.

“Gonyaul don’t do this again. Step away.” she said.

“No.” He didn’t hesitate to defy her request.

“You no do this again. Tis wrong.” He held his ground.

Using his left hand he gestured to their surroundings. “Think context. … big misunderstand.”

He placed his left hand back down on the man’s chest. “He pain and discomfort. Discharge it on first thing … us.”

She had thought of that already but the fact that he was a wielding magik against them changed that.

“It doesn’t matter! Step away!” She commanded this time.

She was already fighting internally against his previous words about hate.

It doesn’t matter? Everything matters, he believed.

Gonyual began to rise slowly and was holding his hands up in peace. It wasn’t to step away though, but now to be between her and the body, and to be able to do something about it should it come to that.

“No. He life precious like you and me. To him and others. What give you right to take?”

He was protesting her advance.
so she pointed the tip at Gonyaul’s chest.

“I have every right! As an Arbiter of the Pillars! Suffer not the witch to live, remember!? Let this be your lesson today.

For two Pillars at once. Vastad, Lord of War and Justice, ‘smite mine enemies’ and Zinheim, God of the Underworld, ‘I am the truth behind the beautiful lie’.”

Gonyaul saw great pain in Voah’s eyes.

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