Digging Out and Digging In

JP with Voah and Gonyaul:

As the cold earth surrounded her, she was suffocating, drowning, stuck in a cage. She began to panic.

~No no no! Not like this! Never by witchcraft! Cambena, please!~

Rarely had she felt so compromised before her struggles underneath Fang. She tried to breathe but it came in gasps and gulps.

After seeing her beau come flying over a mound and confront the man, she both saw and felt the warrior mage’s power falter. The confines around her became slack enough to wiggle but it would take some time to get out and every inch of her screamed to be free.

She began to struggle harder against the prison that anchored her in place and finally, Gonyaul made his way to her to check on her.

When she finally emerged, she was sweating and covered in streaks of dirt. Tears of mud rolled down her cheeks and she pushed herself into Gonyaul’s embrace.

Gonyaul helped as much as he could with digging Voah out when he got there.

As she embraced him, Gonyaul held her close and would continue to comfort her until she chose to stop. He kept tabs on the unconscious Odsier out of the corner of his eye just in case.

“Safe now. All good.” He whispered. He was taking deep breaths to help calm himself. The entire experience had been 90% exciting and 10% scary, or maybe it was the other way around. Regardless, this was the first real confrontation with a witch for the memory banks.

There was no longer any doubt in her mind. Gonyaul was a Vaux. She both welcomed and spurned the evidence. The very question she had been avoiding for over a week had come to a head.

Those thoughts and the hug were short lived, as Voah composed herself enough to find her sword. She grabbed it up and headed toward the fallen Odsier to finish him.

Gonyaul noticed the murderous look on Voah’s face and in her body language as she marched towards the Odsier. Gonyaul took to running towards the unconscious man. He had to dive along the ground and landed atop him in order to beat Voah to the body. He lifted one hand up to Voah while shielding the man with as much of the rest of himself as possible.

The man was beaten. He was not conscious. He had no weapons on his person. He was no longer a threat. This wouldn’t be self defense, it would be murder.

“Wait! … no kill … please.” He looked up at Voah with those pleading eyes.

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