Plains encounter

Odsier Plains

Wim - A few riders detach themselves from the main group and start riding towards you. Their spear and weapons are hanging low and they don't appear to be threatening. Probably more curious at two why two men are riding one horse. Although they are still weary due to the news now travelling through the tribes that the Odonine are on the war path.

As they come closer one of the older riders shouts in surprise at seeing the wounded tribesmen. He spurs is horse closer to Wim, speaking in his tongue, obvious concern for the wounded man on your horse. He dismounts reaching out to the man.

The other riders eye you suspiciously. The young noble can see the relieve in the older man's face. Maybe a son or a younger brother. But he still wonders if this was a good idea.

The man turns to you speaking in his language. Their is a mixture of hate and thanks on his face. He grabs at the necklace he carries around his naked next and pulls it off, throwing it to you. It is made of small bones and a blue quartz roughly cut stone.

He points south towards where you know lays Ostiarium.

"Go..." he tells you in your language.

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