Getting the facts

Jp with Jaxx, Winteroak and Bandorchu

It would be dangerous to travel so soon after saving Hunter from the village Tar advised. He confirmed they would be safe in the caves as almost none of the Odonine dared entered such places.

A few days later Hunter was recovering some of his strength and capabilities and Alexis could finally find out what had happen to him, Islana and Alcuin.

Alexis felt that lately she was spending way too much time in caves of some variation, but again it couldn’t be helped.

When not tending to Hunter she worked to replenish their supplies when possible and kept an eye on their immediate surroundings for impeding trouble.

Finally it seemed like Hunter might be able to get a few sentences out without hurting his throat. Even though she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it anymore - she wanted to know what happened, at least.

“So, Hunter. Think you can handle telling what the ifrinn happened to you all? You were nowhere near where you were supposed to go…”

After several days of rest, food and water in the shade he was making very good progress in his recovery. Though his vision was still blurred, his throat was sore, his hearing managed to recover. He managed to realized that he was with Alexis now, though he was not sure sure how that happened. He also heard she was with a guy named Tar. Hunter was hoping Tar was not an enemy since he was tired of his situation already. So as he turned to the voice of Alexis he smirked a bit as he voice was the best thing he heard in a long time. So he slowly spoke up, " Red......hurt....him.....we led na.....tives.......he.......was...........Creed.........sold I......mes.....sed......up." Hunter began to choke and drank some water from the skin, before catching his breath.

Bounty hunter. Creed. Alexis ran a hand over her eyes as the magnitude of this whole mess came into perspective.

She summarised the situation.

If Tar’s vision was correct - and at this point she was inclined to believe it was - then likely either that bastard Alcuin or the Creed member were still after Islana.
And she could do chac about it.

She couldn’t even really blame Tar, tempting as that was. Islana was, like what, over a week’s worth of travel towards some unknown destination away at this point? Alexis wouldn’t even know where to start looking. All she could hope for was that a woman that somehow was powerful enough to command the Odonine’s respect at least wanted Islana alive and was capable and willing to keep her friend save.

She lightly touched Hunter’s shoulder, as to not irritate his blisters.

“… lot of messing up going around lately. You’re not alone in that.”

She slowly gave him a short account of what had happened. Finding Voah and Tarmen, Blackwolf’s death and Wim’s injury, the massacre at Aquilo, Voah being called away to Bootlegger’s pier.

Hunter chuckled and coughed a bit then drank some more water to clear his throat. He then muttered, "" He was not sure what was a secret and open to Islana's friends.

“Regarding why she could have a bounty hunter on her? That her former toll-toll ‘owner’ might still be after her.”

Hunter nodded at Alexis. Then he muttered, "" Hunter choked a bit then drank more water.

“And here I thought it couldn’t get worse…”

Gods. She might be better off with the Odonine at this point…

“Gotta stop doing that. Clearly, something or someone is always gonna take that as a challenge…”

She sighed.

“So, what next? Gotta at least get you somewhere safe.”

And then she had a bargain to uphold, as much as she hated it.

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