To bury or not to bury...

Odsier Plains

As Voah was checking the pregnant woman, Gonyaul solemnly began collecting bodies. He would carefully drag them to where they were and was lining them up in a row respectfully. If any of their eyes were open, or they physically looked distorted, he would do his best to return their appearance to a state of rest. Ultimately, he wanted to honor them as best he could in death since he didn’t have the chance to do so in life.

It was clear that the woman had been dead for a while and by the injuries sustained, there was no question that the child had not survived.

‘Hoi, what a tragedy…’

Burying these people was going to take most of the day and Voah wasn’t convinced that there was not lingering danger nearby. They still had to avoid both sides of the war. The smell of death would soon bring carrion animals and possibly dangerous scavengers.

She expressed these concerns to Gonyual.

Gonyaul shared Voah’s concerns. His response was short and simple, and not what she wanted to hear.

“Always time to do right thing.”

Gonyaul had consolidated any weapons and items he found scattered about, or on their persons, and organized them into a collection pile. They were for taking, just for ordering the area. In the process he found a tool which would function like a shovel and had began digging the first grave.

Meanwhile, the Odsier began to stir atop Litany.

What in Zin’s Garden was Voah supposed to do? She couldn’t live in two worlds. She sighed and moved over to get the Odsier down. He obviously flailed to get free but she had him by the shackles from behind with her sword to his throat and marched him over to see what Gonyaul was doing and pointed. He stopped long enough to take it all in.

She came around to face him and pointed at him.

“Erewhon ashwé. she used the Odsier word for gift. Then she pointed at Gonyaul digging a pit.

“You help.”

The man looked dumbfounded and a bit angry still. Voah was pretty sure the bonecaster understood her meaning, but the concept of burial must not be part of their culture.

“Gonyaul stop. I don’t think they bury their dead. We are wasting our time. We shall give them Zinheim’s last rites and we should move on.” Voah said gently, keeping one hand and both eyes on the bonecaster.

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