The shout from one of the older riders made Wim feel a bit relieved that he had found the right people. It was mostly dumb luck on his part or Hoi had guided him there.

Wim tried to be as helpful as he could as they took possession of the man. His arm and leg throbbed as he bore weight. But, he did what he could. It was clear from the looks they were worried about the man, as was he, and unhappy that Wim was there. Anger, hatred, concern, confusion were all present. Wim could read it on their faces.

Words, no more like strange sounds, hand motions and pointing from multiple men cam at him as they tried to communicate. Wim looked confused.

The older man started badgering him till he took off a necklace and threw it to Wim, then came the word “Go.”

Before he headed out, Wim lifted a hand like he was giving them a blessing.
Then he said, “Erewhon”

It was not much for communication, but it was better that sharp point diplomacy.

He turned then the horse and headed south at good speed. He picked a landmark and rode for it. He had learned quite well that it was easy to go off track and wander when you did not have landmark.

Wim felt an emotional bond to the man. He had the man’s spear, horse, and gear that he had with him. He laughed at the thought of putting on the man’s clothes and riding into town. Wouldn’t that cause a stir.

He held up the necklace from around his neck. He liked the way the blue quartz shined in the light. The necklace was priceless to Wim, it meant that he was not a monster. He rode hoping to catch up to the others or to make the city.

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