JP with Omni and Lorem

Gonyaul and Voah moved at a slow pace for the next two hours. The bonecaster deliberately tried to slow them down a few times by pulling away or stopping but it didn’t end well for him as he would get pulled off his feet and into the dirt by Litany. He tried and failed to command the earth but he was too close to Gonyaul for anything to take effect.

There were few trees on the plains so they were still unable to find one of the rare things. Finally, Voah decided they were far enough away from the last camp that they could make their own. The sun would soon be setting.

The bitter bonecaster cursed in his native tongue, probably insulting them or asking what they were doing but Voah ignored him. At least he wasn’t pleading for his life.

She bade Gonyaul to stay a moment while she created a ring of sacred salt around the bonecaster. Next she pulled out her personal journal and diligently carved a circle of runes around the bonecaster in the dirt. It was enough to give the man stretching room.

Finally, she asked Gonyaul to go setup camp in an area about 20 yards away and he began to do so in the area she designated without question. His puppy dog look of concern and curiosity remained on his visage.

She stared at the man and stepped backward, waiting to see what he would do.

Gonyaul was not at all pleased with how they were treating the man and was silent for the most part until they arrived at their campsite for the evening. He helped Voah with her requests, genuinely curious as to what pray tell she was doing.

His intrigue would have to go unmet; however, as it was his responsibility to setup camp while Voah continued. Gonyaul made a fine campsite, put both tents up in case Voah would consider letting their guest sleep in it. After the fire was going he started making a stew with what food they had left from Aquilos. Either they would need to arrive at their final destination soon, hunt, or go hungry.

As the meal for the three of them was cooking, Gonyaul stood and tried to watch from his distance what the other two were doing.

The Odsier bonecaster stood there looking bitter and wondered just what was happening. This woman who must have been from the stone city was drawing markings in the earth and babbling words he couldn’t understand. He could tell that her companion didn’t know either.

Now the woman with sun hair was just staring at him and appeared to be waiting for something to happen.

Voah beckoned him forward. Finally, the man obeyed but he was stopped by an invisible barrier that crackled loudly as he tried to move past the salt. He was very confused and annoyed at his inability to do so. He sneered at the woman with an accusatory look. Then he tried kicking at the salt. It crackled more but the salt remained unaffected. It wasn’t infallible but it could hold him for a while.

The Arbiter was content with this effect, knowing that it would work and serve its purpose for the next experiment. She turned and walked away as the man uttered in protest.

She watched from about 20 ft away as he strained against the shackles and the barrier. Then came the moment of truth. She saw him tense and try to harness that magikal ability, but instead of the earth moving, Voah’s runes and manacles began to glow. Clavicula Sahnsuur had succeeded! She smiled. A small victory. Perhaps this was the start of a new way to stop the maleficium, smite them in a different way. The idea would need some advancements but it was a good start.

The Odsier looked like his hope was shattered. His gift from Erewhon has failed. Voah was pleased and left the man in his place as she strolled over to Gonyaul cooking stew.

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