Honour Bound

Fang - outskirts of Aquilo

Alexis - The last few days have been strange. Before you moved on from the cave you hid from possible pursuers, Tar spends an enormous amount of time apart from you and Hunter, mumbling and whispering as if he speaking and listening to some unseen voice or voices judging by some of the things the man sometimes says. There is something he handles often in his pack when he thinks no one is watching.

Despite the original plan to travel to Maru via a nearby cavern system, Tar tells you that you should chance it and ride to Aquilo. He explains that you cannot tardy to get to Ostiarium and have no way of knowing if you can secure new mounts if you abandon these horses. Dubious of the man changing his mind, you consider his words, but wake next morning to find the mountain passageways and valleys covered in a unnatural thick mist for this time of the year.

Hunter on the other hand doesn't seem fully recovered from his capture, at least not mentally. Covering wounds and sunburnt skin with mud, especially having spent a few days chained to a pillar in his own filth, doesn't seem very clever. Wounds can fester very easily in the wild, every warrior knows. But maybe the dirt of Fang has miracle properties. Either that or most of his wound will infect and scar badly.

Time to move on and leave Fang behind. Alexis needs to travel back to Ostiarium and Hunter needs to decide where his path lays next knowing he is a wanted man now.

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