Duty calls

Amrat Fort

Shalia - At noon, Yashker's seneschal, comes calling. You and some of your guards are taken to one of the higher levels of the fort, where you are to meet the Ozainae emissary, Yther's Water-Bearer. You have prepared yourself as much as you could. You cannot stop but feeling the pressure of the meeting ahead and the huge trust Koshnem is placing on you, a foreigner, although he has never made you feel like one, to speak on his behalf. Someone who has joined the Odonine a few years ago and only truly accepted her role in the last year or so.

Despite the pressure you feel almost intoxicated with the power you now hold and command. You are looking forward to meeting a man of faith that believes his powers are a gift from his gods. A thought akin to heresy back in Ostiarium. You leave a list of duties for Islana. The older guard will stay behind with her as he had a rudimentary understandings of Helian. Not that you really need those tasks done for you, but because until you decide exactly what her future holds, she is still your slave. And this will give her an opportunity to explore the Caravanserai. You grin and hope she appreciates the gesture.

Islana - Shalia Nix leaves to her meeting and you are tasked with a list of duties for your new mistress. A few chores involve dealing with woman's clothes and keeping the room you are in cleaned and ready for her return.
To your surprise she also tasks you with buy provisions for the return journey and to buy a cask of the Ihlara's famous wine, to take back the Aghul and the man you have heard her refer to as Warchieftain. She hands you a small bag with gold nuggets and a few gems, much to your surprise. The older Odonine guards speaks a bit of your language and will escort you and serve as an interpreter. This must be some sort of test you think...

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