Tarmen - A few days after Wim Reiss and his group of wounded arrives in Ostiarium, so too do you accompanied by a few of the Knights and the Apothecary Nicolaus, who bids you his farewell. The man fears something more deeper that physical wounds assail you and asks you to come and see him if you need anything.

The city is a hive of activity. Hundreds of new settlers have arrived along with more soldiers, most from the ranks of the Empire of Salos, but also many sell-swords and mercenaries coming to seek fame and fortune in the wilds of Arcadia. The first thing you notice is the progress that has been done with the city outer wall. Quite incredible that the works have advanced so much and you estimate that at this pace it won't be long before the city proper is encircled in its stony embrace.

You are taken to Stonegate Keep. Sir Zane has left orders with the Knights that you are to be given quarters in the citadel while you recover from your ordeal. You arrive late in the afternoon and crash into your cot wanting to rest and recover your energies.

The next day you are summoned to the presence of the Duke. Your rest, it seems, will clearly have to wait...

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