Separate ways

Jp with Jaxx, Winteroak and Bandorchu

Strange seemed to be the new normal these days.
Her companion for the -hopefully only- foreseeable future was apparently following the admittedly so far pretty on
point guidance of some invisible entities, and her heavily damaged friend insisted on putting dirt in his wounds.

As for Tar, she resigned to just suspend disbelief for the time being. She had no idea if there were higher forces at work here and if so what they were, but the man was navigating the current situation decidedly better than her and she would just have to follow his lead.
She could definitely agree with keeping the horses. The trip to Ostiarium would be challenge enough without having to worry about means of traveling.
In the back of her mind she wondered, assuming this all was indeed the influence of that mountain deity Tar had invoked -Fosia, she remembered-, wether the man’s assurance of direction and the fortuitous circumstances accompanying their journey would start to wane when leaving His domain.
Either way, she would have to play it by the ear.
Life certainly had been easier when the gods had taken less of an personal interest in the affairs of men.

As for Hunter, she couldn’t say she was too happy with his choice of wound treatment. She could see the cool mud being a relief for his sunburned skin, but it was still dirt in the end.
So she had rather insistently pleaded with him to at least wash it out of the larger wounds and keep them clean. Alexis gladly sacrificed a blanket to craft some makeshift bandages instead.

The travel in the mist had been an eerie and somewhat slow affair. Certain as Tar might have been on their direction, the horses still needed to find their footing, and one of them was carrying two riders on top of that.
Still faster than wandering the cave system. Probably safer, too.

Aquilo was now in sight and Alexis pondered how to proceed.
She didn’t really want to run into Zane if he was still here and have to explain what had happened- if there was someone in Aquilo who would know Hunter was wanted, it would be him and his knights. He hadn’t said anything concerning that when she left for the Fang, but that didn’t mean anything.

“Wanna chance it and hope either news travel slowly or law enforcement is not high up on the priority list here, so you can try and get some equipment?“

She finally asked Hunter.

Hunter pondered for a moment the asked, “What equipment ………can you spare? Also …..what will I face ……if I go a different direction?”

Alexis got down from the horse and helped Hunter dismount, too.

“Let’s see what we have…”
she said, going over the modest equipment she had together.

“What are you going to face? The wilderness and the war, in most directions you might pick, I presume.”

Hunter replied, “I can get by …….on the minimum……. Knife……. Water skin……. Blanket.” He looked around and then whispered to Alexis, “I’m going to be on my own for a long while…… it was good to see you again.”

Alexis was quiet for a moment, as she put together what Hunter asked for, adding some of her rations so he would not have to go hunting right away. Finally she fetched one of the pearls Voah gave her.

“Voah’s. If you come across Odonine, don’t let them see this…”
Her free hand slightly brushed over Hunter’s shoulder were he had been branded.
“…and maybe they’ll be willing to exchange something useful for it. Otherwise, should you decide to go find Voah, give it back to her with my thanks.”

As he went to take it, she took hold of his hand for a moment, looking into his eyes earnestly.

“I expect to see you again, Hunter.”

Hunter nodded as he saw the intense look in her eyes. He forced a smirk as he replied, “Okay but drinks will be on you since I’m broke.”

Alexis returned a half smile.

Expression softening slightly, she added:

“Take care.”

Hunter replied, “You too.” Then he wrapped his stuff in the blanket and began walking off in an Eastern direction. He didn’t look back as he kept going.

Alexis watched Hunter walk away for a moment, then turned to Tar. Time to face the music.

“… do you need anything from here or should we get going?”

Tar looked at the man walking away. He looked back at Alexis.
"We should get some provisions if possible from Aquilo, before setting out..." He said now sure that he had done the right thing revealing the location of the man before of the young girl. It would keep Alexis focused on the task. He felt the pull of the hammer's head on his pack. The journey to Ostiarium would not be easy and to the heist awaiting them less so...

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