Presenting a Present

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“Good evening, Friar.”Voah feigned interest. “I trust the festival has gone well for you?”

"Oh, yes yes. Wonderful, my dear. Nothing like a day of frivolity, eh? I simply wanted to thank you for your part in it."

"It was no trouble, I am honored for the opportunity. Oh, my manners! Friar, meet Wim of House Riese. Wim, this is Jassin Balvaris Friar of Kupen."

"My Lord... A pleasure." said the Friar with a proper greeting. Wim Riese and the Friar bowed to each other.

"May Hoi bring you both plenty and Kupen watch over you. Enjoy your evening."

Once the pleasantries had finished, the Arbiter strode over to the Duke as the Knights made an opening for them.

"My Lord Duke, please excuse this intrusion. I meant to bring this to you at our first meeting as an offering of peace between Ostiarium and the Pillars. May it never be used against us."

"Ah Arbiter, so glad you could join us." The Duke stated looking at Voah and her guest. Some of those around the Duke openly gazed and sized the newcomers. He reached out to take her gift from her hands. The Duke opened the clasp of the leather trunk. Inside was a folded cloth of red and black velvet, beneath the folds lay a polished brass warhorn with an ivory band and silver mouth piece. There was a small engraving of the same five pillars symbol that was tattooed on the Arbiter’s wrist.

The Duke nodded his thanks at the Arbiter. "A fine piece. Beautiful example of Mizarian martial art." He said running his fingers through the engraved symbols. He snapped his fingers and a small wiry man that was standing at the group's periphery rushed to take the trunk from the Arbiter.

"I thank you for this kind offer. I am keen for our city to develop strong ties with the Shrine Cities and maybe later you will allow me to present you with a gift of my own." His words suggestive enough that Voah was not sure he was attempting to flirt or being honest.

The small man that appeared to be an aide took the trunk and disappeared into the back corridors of the Great Hall. The Duke motioned for drinks and the Arbiter and her guest were served with wine. A true luxury in the new world.

"Word of your performance earlier today is already spreading through the city. You made quite an impression among the faithful." The Duke continued the same mirth on his voice. "The faithful and any red blooded male that saw it" one of the Knights chimed in light-heartedly.

Voah smirked, “Then I believe I have done my lady Hoi proud.”

The Lord Commander nodded raising his cup admiring her athletic figure. The Fall Festival was a day where many people lowered their inhibitions. "Please join us in some food." He told them walking them over to the main table and away from the group. The Lord Commander did not host this part purely for ostentatious reasons but to better get to know his subjects.

“It was partially through Wim here that this gift was returned to you.” she said as they moved toward the food. Thank Hoi.

The Lord Commander nodded at the young man. "Yes, young master Riese, a small tributary family to our own Sir Zane." I hope Ostiarium is everything you imagine it to be." He said grinning aware of the tribulations the young man had manage to get himself in less then 1 day on shore.

Voah took only a sip from her wine glass. When they reached the table, she did not hesitate to remove her arm from Riese’s grasp, setting down her wine and reaching for the roast hog first. She followed up with a helping of roasted string beans spiced with salt and pepper and a chunk of warm bread.

When she had collected her small plate she excused herself to a semi-secluded area in the hall where she could quickly devour her ample meal in peace, for there was much socializing to be done. It was not like her to eat swine, they could be quite a filthy animal, but she knew that the keep would have the best in the city. She picked up a bite of delectable pork and put it in her mouth savoring every morsel.

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