Venting about Vastad’s Justice

JP with Omni and Lorem:

“I was raised to understand that justice is the consequence of one’s actions. That we are measured by Vastad and given our dues, in this life and in the next. Evil is the pressing of underserved woe and suffering upon another. Goodness is giving and gratitude and manifesting the ways of the Pillars.

Weavers were not considered equal to the faithful, treated as subhuman, but feared as superhuman. Justice did not apply to them, at least not in the traditional sense. I learned from a very early age that sorcery, witchcraft, in all forms was a great evil, an aberration of the natural world and an affront to the Gods themselves… learned that humans, trying to wield a power that does not belong to them and should not be touched, do not deserve the holy light and mercy of the Pillars. Witches are considered monsters and abominations that only wish to rule over the rest of us. And these come with examples of what they have done, things I have experienced firsthand.

But I have discovered more… that the witches of this new land do not immediately seek to kill and rule over us. I have found that in the history of Helias, that there was a time where the faithful and the maleficium lived in a tenuous peace. I have learned that the Vaux were unduly treated as an unwilling sacrifice between our peoples. They are the dirty little secret of the Inquisition and from what you have shown me, their fate was severely unjust.

These Gods of Dust and Water are enemies of Vastad and my faith tells me to smite them. But I have questioned and turned on my faith in these tenets. I will evaluate them first, and learn the appropriate justice for them.

What do the Vaux say of justice?”

Gonyaul took a minute to process her response to his question. Parts of what she said made sense and aligned with things he had been raised on. Others were in stark contrast and he was finding it difficult. Was the way of the Vaux and the pillars able to coexist? He wanted it to be, because he wanted to be compatible with Voah. If he couldn’t figure this out would he ultimately be rejected? Would marriage to him be shunned due to being unequally yoked?

He had follow up questions but it was his turn. He closed his eyes to gather his thoughts; he was going through the script on his body. His lips gently moved as if reading in silence and mouthing the words. They had not yet gotten to that part of his form to record.

As Voah explained her understanding of justice according to the Pillars and deviated onto tangential tributaries that eventually came back to her point, she caught Gonyaul’s underlying expression of insecurity.

Gonyaul stopped murmuring to himself and opened his eyes. He believed he gleaned what he needed to share and also had considered its translation. He took a deep breath.

“I start with apology. Since left home, I been introduced to some religions and magik. Most happen in last several years. I have trying to make sense of it all, but no direct teachings in Vaux to any of these things. Only teachings to the way things are designed to be and how ought to live; inside self, with others, with the laws of nature.”

He looked down.

“I learn what little shared, by elders, about religion and magik was to encourage us to avoid at all costs. …nnn… I think this cause of the killings?”

He was still looking down and his brow grew with concern. It was apparent he was still struggling to work things out in his mind. “I trying to bring together the Vauxian way with religion I learn and what experience. It feels out of place. No understand, but my ways feel foreign here. Like I don’t belong with what exists. I am worried you think less of me for my failure to merge Vaux with Pillars. I understand if reject for what I share.”

He looked up, his eyes glistening with moisture.

“This world seem so cruel and unjust. Each people have different view of just. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? I cannot call a line crooked unless I some idea of straight line. What am I comparing this world with when I called it unjust?

If the whole world has no Justice, I should never found out it has no Justice; just as, if there were no light in world, I should never know it was dark. Dark would be a word without meaning.”

“I share this because you say Vastad is war and Justice. Justice there is, yes, yes, but Vastad is not it. I …. I …. I need tell what Vaux think first.”

He recited, “Every act of justice or charity involves putting selves in other person's place and thus rise above our competitive pride. And mercy detached from justice grows unmerciful.”

“Vaux choose to act as if others are to be the goodness they have potential to be, even when obvious they not. Know that all one body, though different parts. Each unique and no less value than the next. Justice is not ours to enforce, because if we did not create the law and are not above the law. We are under the laws.”

He swallowed hard, thinking she might not like what he said next.

“I experience those that follow the religious life of Pillars is making them feel that they are good above all; that they are better than others. I think can be sure that they are being acting on by evil and not by good. Because that way is the way of pride. The real test of being in the presence of good is to forget about self all together or I guess one could think of self as a dirty object. It is better to forget about self all together. Why? Because pride comes direct from evil, it is disease… it kills, is never content and competitive. It is subtle and deadly. It is not based off of the animal nature. The antidote is humility, but I find Vastad in short supply of humility. I see the champions of pillars kill, judge, look down on, take what is not theirs all in the name of Vastad.”

He paused containing his rise in volume. He continued calmly.

“Vastad is pride and all other evils now pour forth from it. The world is burning, suffering increasing, lives destroyed in name of Vastad.”

Gonyaul dropped his face into his hands and groaned. “Pillars, Erewhon, Desert Gods, Odonine god, some favor magik some No magik. So confusing.” He felt like he was all over the place, probably because he was getting emotional.

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