West is the best

Greyriver Steading

Alexis and Tarmen - Not wanting to waste too much time, a day later, you gather the supplies and provisions you need and after making sure all your affairs are in order, you leave Alexis' lands behind at first light.
Tar has returns to his taciturn self and you are both happy for each other's company. It will probably take you over a week to reach Desdem.

You decide to travel along the coast to avoid some of the Odsier still travelling north and avoid being dragged into the ongoing war in the Plains. Once you have travelled a few days west you will turn north towards the Desmen. At some point the subject is likely to be broached of how Alexis knew about their destination and even what to expect there.

For the time being you enjoy the amazing expanses of empty sandy beaches that are a feature of southern Arcadia.

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