Alexis wasn’t sorry to leave Ostiarium behind. There was something about the recent atmosphere that had her on edge, and with that she really didn’t need any additional help right now.

With Tar reverting to his former reclusive self, she was even more grateful for Tarmen’s company, even though she couldn’t help but wish she hadn’t gotten him involved in this mess, especially still in need of some recuperating. On the other hand the man clearly wasn’t a lover of city life and getting away from the ‘stuffy keep’ might not have been that much of a sacrifice.
It was good to be with a friend again in any case.

She briefly wondered if Tar’s withdrawal might actually have to do with Tarmen’s presence, but then again she wouldn’t claim she had any idea of what was going on in that head of his.

Remembering she had never gotten around to talk in detail about his findings with the map after cutting that discussion short in her anger that night, she resolved to try and bring it up again. He had seemed to be quite frazzled when revealing the location of the shaft, and after having some time to mull it over, she had come to find it quite curious as well. Less the location of the shaft really, but the existence of that map itself.

Unfortunately that train of thought led Alexis back to things she really didn’t want to examine closer. Then again, avoiding the topic would not make it go away. She would only do herself a disservice pretending it didn’t happen.

But what for goodness’s sake was it that actually happened there? She couldn’t really play it off as being a few bricks short of a load, not completely at least. Not when that location that just popped up in her mind was actually existent and she apparently could even point it out on a map.

Was this because of touching the hammer head? She had suspected there would be consequences, but she had not foreseen retribution coming so swiftly and, well, undeniable she wanted to say?

She glanced at Tar’s brooding form. He had been a man of faith once. Seeking divine guidance had been part of his life and his belief, going so far as to partake in Felfar in hopes of finding it.

Not for her, though. She had never seen signs and omens to point her the right direction. Never looked for them, either. Let alone prayed for them. Visions? She never even got drunk enough to see double.
Sure there had been instances were she might have felt the workings of the divine. With alarmingly increasing frequency, really, since coming to Arcadia.

But this? This were no mysteriously fortuitous circumstances. No miraculous coincidences. Not… environmental, so to speak.
This was something, someone very directly and very intrusively affecting her. Was she going to start talking to voices in her head soon, like Tar? Tarmen was in for some great travel company if so…

Speaking of which. Why her and not Tar? He was the one to take up this quest from the start, pursuing it for actual years now at great expenses. She was just a recent addition, as it seemed approached for the shared characteristics between her own people and the Odonine. As such maybe more susceptible to Fosia’s call.
Maybe this was… sharing the burden, or something like that?

She sighed and slightly shook her head at herself. Damnadh, her thoughts were just a scrambled mess. And she was starting to give herself a headache.

Alexis decided to take a step back from all the whirling questions for a bit, not to forget about them, but to revisit them later.

She allowed herself to just take in the beauty of the land instead, giving her churning mind a direly needed rest.

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