JP with Winteroak and Cindy

Islana watched with the same kind of wonder at the display by the two Priests, as she had when Shalia had demonstrated her ability.

Life and Death, Sand and Water, it made sense. A lot of sense, actually.

"So, all magic comes from Yither and Viher."

The young witch didn't even realize, at first, her words came out as a statement more than a question.

"Are all the people in charge magik users?"

Now, that was a stranger concept to someone living under the Inquisition her whole life to grasp, than anything else Islana had been told so far.

"No. Not everyone with powers is in charge. Our immortal Prophetess is our spiritual leader. The Septs rule themselves pretty much without our influence." The man explained. "But those children that are gifted with the Water and the Dust are often recruited into the temple."

The bald woman looked at Islana. "For all the accounts we have from your land, that might seem impossible to you. How religion and sorcery stand side by side." She enquired.

"I'm afraid your account sounds accurate. The Inquistion is determined to weed out all magik and its users. Anyone with any sort of ability, that might be considered different or odd, is suspect. I learned, very young, to hide what I could do.

Islana paused for a moment, not sure why she had said all of that.

"It would be impossible for them to stand side by side where I'm from."

Islana brought the attention back to her questions.

"The Prophetess, how does ...." Not sure how to word this. "She's immortal? Does she not die or is there more involved with that?"

They both nodded. "She was granted immortality by the Twins. Her soul travels from vessel to vessel." Agizul explained. "When one vessel dies her immortal soul seeks another." He said offering Islana a small fruit the size of a small pebble, she had never seen before. Brown and squishy to the touch. "It's called a date." He said urging her to try it. "A taste of our home."

"Thank you,"

Islana took the fruit, glancing at it just long enough to notice it's unique look before tasting it.

It was smoother than expected and very sweet, sort of like a candy. Savoring the flavor for a moment.

"It's very good." Completely enjoying the experience.

The information on the Prophetess was fascinating, and Islana wanted to know more.

"If each Prophetess's soul seeks a vessel, does that mean that each Prophetess has the abilities of the last one?"

"That depends on the will of the Twins and the new vessel." Came the reply." But usually the new vessel inherits all the memories and experience of all past incarnations." Agizul tried to explain a concept that would sound dubious and strange to any outsider.

"The vessel, are they only chosen from among your own people?"

Islana had no idea where that question came from or why she asked it. Her mind was saying that had to be the case, but something else - maybe a feeling - was telling her not necessarily

Amastan shook her head. "All who have heard the call have been Ozainae, except for the very first Seer. She was Odonine." Came the reply. "She was a Priestess of Fosia before she was exiled to the desert to die."

There it was again, that word, Fosia. It had seemed to follow Islana around practically since arriving in Fang. There wasn't much lingering on it, however, instead Islana grew quiet for a moment as she attempted to envision what it would be like to "hear the call." Her mind focused on the words Amastan had said, that the ones who had heard the call, except the first one, had been Ozainae not that they had to be Ozainae which led to the redhead's next question.

"What if someone hears the call that isn't Ozainae?"

Almost stopping the question, as if the young woman didn't want to know the answer, but it slipped out anyway.

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