Early morning after the performance of last night from the Atsigani, Voah and Gonyaul rise and pack their belongings including their tent. Zargani as promised arranged for the two to join a caravan heading into the heart of the Desert of Skulls. This natural obstacle should at least buy them more time when the Inquisition find Voah's trail.

The patriarch explains that they will be expected to help with daily chores, help guard the goods against bandits and protect the animals against wild life. He warns them about the giant scorpions and the fire snakes. He also warns them to protect their heads and flesh against sunstroke.

The Atsigani will be on the move soon as well and he informs the two they are travelling back to Fang, to Fort Aramat, in the western part of the range. He wishes both luck and proceeds to take their horses as payment.

Around noon you join a caravan ready to depart into the desert. Around 10 men and 15 strange looking animals you have never seen before, brownish in colour, almost twice as tall as a horse with two huge humps on their backs. The beasts are laden with wheat, barley and wool and just before noon you get under eye under the curious eyes of the merchants.

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