Connecting Departure

Voah nuzzled Litany and kissed her on the side of her head and then give her last ‘thank yous’ and goodbyes to the horse, Zargani, and rest of the traveling Atsigani whom she had become familiar with including some of the children.

She wished them safe travels, hoping that they might maintain a good rapport with them should they ever have the fortune to cross paths in the future.

The innate entertainer in Voah had always sought to please others and gain their praise, meeting peoples eyes to feel seen and put on a show of some kind. Lasting impressions were everything, but for the last week or so she had teetered on the edge of that, subduing herself more than she normally would have, remembering that she was in hiding. Attention was going to be the last thing she needed, but she understood full well, that no matter what she did, it was likely she would not be so easily forgotten by the Atsigani, the people of Desdem, nor any others she met in future. Leaving the Inquisition and wandering off into the heart of Arcadia, she would always be a memorable outcast.

Before departing, Voah and Gonyaul received their trade goods and left their planned messages of advice and warning for Zargani to deliver to the elders of Desdem.

As they left the village behind, she silently prayed to the Pillars to grant all of the kind people they met with luck and mercy in their dealings with the others from Helias.

Moving forward, Voah’s adventurous heart was sparked with fervent wonder at the sight of the merchants with their beasts of burden and the mention of giant insects and fire snakes. Adventure indeed.

Nervously excited, she held Gonyaul’s hand and took in a deep breath, looking to him for reassurance and readiness to take their next steps into the cloudy unknown that was their future. She was delighted to see that her look was matched, as always, by an excitement and infinite curiosity of his own.

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