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"Whoever hears the call is drawn to walk the same steps the first Seer walked thousands of years ago." Agizul said. "We call it the Pilgrimage of Bones. But we that call has never gone to anyone outside the Ozainae Septs that we know of." He explained glad for her curiosity.

A pilgrimage, a calling, a spirit that knew who to go to. Islana grew quiet for a moment as her mind wrapped around these things, yet it all seemed to make sense.

While the young witch knew it highly unlikely, a big part of her wanted to meet the Prophetess. Islana assumed, given her own status, that accompanying Shalia on her meeting with the Prophetess was not possible and there was no other legitimate reason to meet the unknown woman.

The redhead wanted to know all about the Pilgrimage but something stopped her from asking. If it was a calling those that got it, would likely, understand what to do or that was how Islana interpreted what she had been told.

Moving on perhaps, a new topic, at least for the moment.

"What is the holy city, Gra'akast, like?"

"It's the jewel in the Great Oasis. You will have a chance to see it with your own eyes soon." Amastan said playfully. "Don't you miss Ostiarium or your friends?" She asked back.

That question hadn't been expected, and it threw Islana off slightly. Yet, the first part of her response took little thought, just gave her an unwanted feeling of sadness.

"I miss my friends very much."

The young woman really did wish to see them again, someday, but it wasn't looking hopeful.

As for Ostiarium, the place, that she wasn't so certain about. What she missed was the freedom she had there. Since being healed, the huntress had longed to have a bow back in her hands. She missed having that sense of autonomy that Ostiarium allowed its women.

On the other hand, her freedom there really never was complete, and had come at a cost. Islana had always had to hide her true self, even from herself, like being locked in a cage she hadn't even realized she was in.

While being a slave was never ideal, being able to discuss and use magik with no concerns of repercussions had been remarkably freeing.

After a long silence, Islana did respond, "There are things about Ostiarium I miss but it's difficult to fully miss someplace that would never truly accept you, if they knew who you actually were."

Maybe, that was a hard concept for someone who didn't live under the thumb of the Inquistion. Islana didn't really know, but she had answered honestly.

Shalia's centering had come to a close, body and mind filled with as much ease as she could obtain this far out from Fang-- the bond didn’t feel as strongly here. Not even now in her circle or the dropped temperature.
The light in her eyes faded. She stood slowly and as she broke the concentration, the frost and ice moved across the ground to her feet, appearing to absorb back into her body and vanish without a trace like nothing happened at all. With it went the sense of protection and security, dragging along the relief she had tried to hold onto a little longer.

But now she was grounded back to reality and decided to return to them. She had no intention of being rude in leaving. Simply put, she needed to step away.

Clearly she hadn't been long away from everyone. They were still gathered around the fire, still conversing. Interesting, it always felt like time ceased to exist when she sat in her circle. Could have been hours, could have only been ten minutes or less. Perhaps it didn't last as long due to the distance between Noraura's domain and the sandy hell they were gradually riding into, but she had never really tested it with distance until now.
She quietly approached them again after her short-lived break, coming up to the sound of Islana's voice.

"--difficult to fully miss someplace that would never truly accept you, if they knew who you actually were."

Shalia failed to fight a small smirk in the shadows as she seated herself a few feet from the fire to listen again.

So Islana was getting the hang of it. Understanding and accepting. Good, one step closer for them both.

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