Jp with Lucian, Winteroak and Bandorchu

Alexis looked from the canoes to the trail, then back to her companions.

“Might be people from around here looking for something in particular, or even…”

she nodded to the sea.

“… visitors from Sentinel Island. Could be worth finding out for sure?”

Tarmen chewed on the choices given, not liking either one.
“Worth findin’ out if we will be stalked in the night. Especially if they come from Sentinel.”
He remembered the community he had seen with Hunter, though they hadn’t gotten close enough for him to tell if these vessels shared the same makers.
He looked at the trails, wondering why they had left their canoes.
“I’d definitely vote against splittin’ up.”

Alexis nodded her agreement.

“Second that. Also voting for a stealthy approach.”

Tar immediately tells the two he would prefer to stay behind. He can watch the horses, but he has no appetite to walk blindly into the woods.

You leave the man behind, and set out tracking the trails you saw in the sand leading inland.

You can tell there are at least ten set of footprints that you can discern and maybe some sort of four legged animal. A cat or a dog of kind you think.

The cool air of the seaside soon gives away to more oppressive heat as you move slowly but steadily towards the woods.

Feeling all too similar to Sentinal now, Tarmen kept a hand resting on his blade. It felt odd with it being on his left, but he knew it was the stronger hand.
He kept his comment to a whisper as they followed the tracks.
“Beast tracks, thinkin’ you’re right about our island friends visitin’.”

“Great. ‘Cause they made for such an enchanting company last time. With our luck, best look out for potential magik users.”

Alexis whispered back, keeping close to her friend.

The wooded are was bright and lightly covered. The trees here did not bunch together allowing plenty of sun to filter down from its canopies.

Curling branches held onto every tree, and a plenty of flowers and some fruits, which grew in abundance, enhanced the otherwise mundane lower levels.

A tumult of noises, most belonged to rummaging critters, probably cicadas reverberated through the air, and were strangely synchronized with the sound of the wind blowing gently through the forest.

The tracks led deeper into the woods and a while after the sound of voices up ahead reaches you in the wind.

Slowing upon hearing their possible track makers, Tarmen moved closer to Alexis to keep his own voice down.
“Move with the wind? Let the din cover quicker steps and slow when it stops, stick to signals for now. What do you think?”

Alexis nodded.
“Can’t have that animal of theirs catch our scent, either. Agreed.”

She wondered what they were doing here, whoever they were.

Best case, nothing of worry for her companions and her, so they could just retreat and move on. Given this was Arcadia, probably should be prepared for exactly not that, though.

The two approached the sound of the voices trying to use the cover of the sparse trees. Up ahead maybe 20 metres up a small inclined they saw a group of men.

They looked like those from Sentinel Island has they had imagined, holding spears, clubs and bows. They were standing around a group of Odsier natives sat on the floor who appeared to be bounded. You counted around 5 warriors standing and around ten to fifteen people sitting.

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