Sentinel Strike

Joint post between Bandorchu and LucianNepreen

Looking around at each warrior, Tarmen wasn’t thrilled that they had been right. He had to wonder how many cultures here worked slavery into their lives, if not for the simple profit. He also didn’t trust the lack of a magic user, they had seemingly been the brains for these little bands on the island, so where was theirs.
Gaining Alexis’s attention, he signaled to offer the choices he saw. Either scout for a potential hidden beast or shaman, or strike now with the element of surprise assured?

Alexis was glad to see that Tarmen was of the same mind to interfere with this little outing of the Sentinel Island dwellers.

She would not have let this go. She couldn’t. Granted, she did not exactly know what fate would await the Odsier with their captors.
But with a stone altar filled with blood and Voah picking up a lost trinket of Till’s right next to it before her mind’s eye, she was willing to bet it would not be an invitation to tea.

With the options presented, she looked around. She would have preferred to scout for the beast and a potential magik user. Though, honestly, any of them could be one as well. The one who attacked them way back when had been armed, too, after all.

Problem was, the forest wasn’t all that dense. They could barely hide as it was and were risking to be discovered with every second they stuck around.

So surprise attack it was. She signed to Tarmen as much with the addition of pointing to the bound Odsier, putting one wrist across the other and pulling them apart again. If they could somehow get some of them free, wether they chose to fight or flee, they could potentially serve as a distraction.
Besides, with the odds as always not in their favour, it would be nice if this stupidity they were about to get on the way would not be completely in vain.

He nodded to her plan and prepared his blade. He knew he could still fight, but also came to terms that Alexis was in better condition. He motioned with his blade for him to cut, then pulled out a knife that he motioned giving to someone.
Cut one loose and give them the ability to save their fellows while they fought?
He also wanted a more solid plan before they attacked, signaling a path towards the left side of the gathered slaves where he would go.

Alexis nodded her agreement. That would have been her plan as well.

She nodded again when he pointed where he wanted to go, preparing to follow him with her sword drawn.

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