The Angry Skin

JP with Winteroak and Cindy

The next few days pass lazily as the Ozainae barque makes its way down river buffeted by the warm winds of the desert.

There is no denying the strangeness of the place. The vast empty vista are alien but with a peculiar beauty none of you have seen before.
The Odonine guards however quickly grow bored of the leagues upon leagues of endless sand and start to wrestle with each other as well as some of the Ozainae guards.

They would later regret the exertions under the scalding sun as their naked backs and shoulders would later start blistering.

Shalia and Islana's fair complexion don't fair much better. After a few days any exposed skin to the elements starts to become red and painful to the touch especially your arms, hands and face.

The priests of the Twin Gods inform you that tomorro the barque will stop a lot a nearby oasis where you will all rest for a day before you continue onwards.

Islana, who had spent every moment she could outside watching the scenery and taken in the wildlife, was regretting that decision, well almost.

Red, hot, angry skin was, by no means, something the redhead was unfamiliar with but this had to be the worse sunburn she had ever had. It was only by the fortunate covering of clothing that not more of her was burned.

Her face was by far the most exposed, the headscarf had covered her but only to a point.

The robes didn't cover her arms completely but she had worn the leather forearm sleeves, so Kaithak could sit on them, over the robe sleeves so her arms had more of a strange pattern of burn with her hands taken on the worst of it.

Her neck, a little of her upper back, her legs, had all seen some sun due to the movements of the robes. All were red and painful in varying degrees.

The heat had gotten to the redhead eventually as well but she still didn't regret a moment of the experience.

On the second day, and much to the amusement of the guard who had been teaching her some Odon. The young witch had used her magik to bring over a bird. The bird's head was black with feathers that shifted into a brilliant red. She hadn't done that, brought over something random, in ages, and with Kaithak resting in the cabin it just seemed like the right time. Only, holding the bird for a moment before letting it go but it was a nice experience.

There were other birds, watched as they flew by, many brown but a few with suddenly burst with colors. Her gaze would, eventually, land upon the banks of the river, looking for anything she hadn't seen before.

The sunburn just couldn't take away from the experience and when the young woman was told they would be stopping at an oasis, the excitement rose in her, once again.

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