Bone crusher

JP with Lucian, Winteroak and Bandorchu

Alexis swiftly moved to Tarmen’s side, determined to stay with her friend if at all possible.

“Pick a direction and give them a run for their money?”

There was a slight chance they would split up to give chase. And if not they might at least draw their attention away from the fleeing Odsier.

Alexis would just as well stand her ground here, however. They had done what they could for the captives. Whatever would happen, would happen.

Already panting from the first attack, Tarmen saw nothing good coming from sticking around. The escaped natives had scattered in any direction away from their captors, giving them a decent chance to lose them.
“We run towards the beach, though try to aim behind where we entered. Hopefully they worry more about their loose slaves than us.”
With no time to argue, he put his plan into action and hoped, simply hoped, dashing into the trees with everything he had.

The two run back to the beach. Not sure for a while if anyone or anything is giving chance. You hear screams and shouts of fighting and some of agony or terror from behind you.
You hear a sound behind it. Some sort of spotted hyaena gives chase, growling at the two comrades.


“Can’t outrun that!”

Alexis’ grip tightened around the straps holding her shield.
She was better equipped to do this, if only by a minimal margin. If that thing got a serious bite in, they where shit out of luck.

“Tryin’ to draw its attack!”

She whipped around and got in position, ready for one ifrinn of an impact and focused solely on keeping her shield between that monstrous jaw and her flesh and bones.

If the stars aligned, she could distract it long enough for Tarmen to get his blade in.
If not… well, she hoped he could cover some distance while she got mauled.

Hearing the cackling of a hyena made Tarmen’s blood run cold. Many beasts he had faced and killed, but few topped his ‘Kill me now’ list like these killers. He had lost some good armor and more allies to bone crunchers than he would have liked and it seemed the world wanted to add to that list.
He heard Alexis scuff the dirt in her attempt to face the beast and while he cursed, he knew it was their best chance. He kept his momentum, seeing the creature barrel towards her in its trained bloodlust, and cut around to its side.
As the creature lunged, Tarmen pushed his legs harder as he gave a strained cry, then leapt through the air to plant both feet on its side and pushed. Falling to the ground unceremoniously, he heard the beast smack against a tree, groaning in a pained daze.

No time, no time, NO TIME…!

Alexis would have loved to congratulate Tarmen on that crazy stunt, but the small time frame it bought was closing fast.

She pushed herself into a mad dash towards the dazed animal, pushing down with her shield on its massive head on arrival and simultaneously plunging her sword full force into its exposed side.

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