River Journey Begins

JP with White_Caribou, Winteroak and Cindy

There journey continued for a few days until the reached a part of the river that would lead them to Gra'akast. The river was wider here and probably deeper judging for the sight of a huge barque with a had a stern and bow, equipped with cabins at both ends. You could see a large white sail as well as oars. This was going to your transportation to your final destination.

Islana took in the sight of the barque, a new thing to experience. In a way she wanted to have been able to see more of the desert, mostly the wild animals. The redhead had asked about them and was given brief but accurate descriptions.

The desert creatures, just seemed fascinating, even with the few that sounded dangerous. Maybe, there would be another time to gaze upon them.

Kaithak had taken the desert in stride, the falcon was rather adaptable. His wing seemed to be healing quite well though it would take more time.

The only water vessel the young woman had been on, before now, had been the ship to take her to Ostiarium.It didn't take much to understand this trip would be very different from that.

When it came her time, and after she was done with any task assigned, Islana with her falcon found someplace, in the barge, to settle both of them. Her gaze looked down the river, ready to take in the sights. Islana was ready to experience all of this, as well.

The barque made its way slowly upriver. The hot desert wind blowing its large sail, pushing the vessel along the current.

Shalia was given one of the cabins on the stern. Her guards stationed outside along with Islana. Everywhere one looked past beyond the shrubbery and greenery of of rivers shores the might desert and its golden sands stretched as far as the eye could see.

The heat was almost unbearable sometimes as the morning sun rose into the sky shining down relentlessly.

The cabin was a very welcome comfort. Already quite superior to the first long trip Shalia ever took across a body of water. If she never saw the inside of one of those damn ships ever again, it would be too soon. She could almost smell the dank air and body odor of the people in the hold, the starving and weary, the--

~Stop it. Not right now.~

Her naked body stretched over the pallet with a low grumble. Temperature as expected, was hostile, so she was grateful for the shelter of course. She sat up slowly and put her clothes back on clearly in no hurry to exit the space. But she did want to see the desert for what it was, not stuck on a weird bumpy horse-thing or obscured by the sensation that her body was on fire. Just for a little while, she wished to sit and look at the flowing river and whispering sands that went on for miles as it was and let her imagination run free.

Shalia stepped out of the cabin and nodded to greet Islana in passing, seating herself toward one side of the boat to take in the surrounding world. Her hesitation in doing so once she felt the real heat was visible. The scarf was pulled down over her head more when the sun caught her eye and she shifted away with a wrinkled nose.

She had resisted the urge to beckon Islana over. If the woman wanted to approach her, she would. She did not need to be ordered around like a dog at every instance. And the older witch would try not to bark as many commands her way going forth, though she had been quite civil thus far.

Instead, Shalia turned her head back to the river as they moved through it, closing her eyes to try and imagine sea spray and refreshing breezes that were never going to be there.

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