Time Has Run Out

Joint post between Bandorchu, Winteroak, and LucianNepreen
The knife Tarmen passed on to one of the natives was being used to help free the captives. A few were already fleeing in terror.

A horn sounded across the woods. Alexis and Tarmen knew the element of surprise was likely lost.

Too occupied to notice the fruits of this little escape attempt, Tarmen definitely heard the horn.
He had left the club man to bleed out, focusing on the bigger issue of the archer and his expert aim. He had already felt an arrow pierce the leather of his lower left thigh despite his attempts to deflect, the Sentinel continuously loosing arrow after arrow.
A grin spread on Tarmen’s face as panic filled the warriors eyes upon grasping at an empty quiver, the bow giving little resistance to a killing slice.

Damnadh. They needed to hustle now. Gods knew how many of those guys were around.

Alexis charged at the remaining guard full speed, having to block his attack at an awkward angle that left her shield arm tingle painfully with the impact of the club.

On the plus side it left him no time to position himself properly, and open for the thrust of her blade.

Alexis and Tarmen defeated the sentries around the panicking Odsier that were trying to free each other. Everytime the bounds of one were severed they ran away as fast as they could. No one it seemed wanted to face their kidnappers.

Another howl echoed through the woods. If there were more of these attackers around they were closing in, leaving you with little time to decide what their next course of action should be.

“We need to get out of here, like, yesterday!”

Alexis called over to Tarmen as she raced over to the remaining prisoners to speed up the unbinding process.

“Our luck is gonna run out real soon!”

Following her example, Tarmen was quiet in his determination to free these people. His machete made quick work of several bonds as he nervously scanned the trees.
The few that remained he urged to run as the boy had, to worry about their bonds when they had the luxury of time.

Just then their peripheral vision caught movement. Left, right, people running at them brandishing weapons. A.few arrows flew past their heads. One found the shoulder of one of the Odsier women. She clutched her her bleeding and likely broken shoulder. You count another 5 or 6 attackers, rushing you screaming.

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