Desert walk

JP with Omni and Winteroak

On route to Gra'akast

Finally, plains gave way to desert as they reached the sand laden expanse. Supposing this was another domain under both Cambena and Kupen, Voah likened it to the sea, and thus, praised and respected the feral beauty of nature that stretched out before them. She adjusted her head scarf to ensure maximum coverage knowing Kupen was a tenacious lover and his kiss could kill. This was already the hottest summer she had ever experienced.

The caravan ploded along at a small pace. The heat of the day quickly became unbearable as the sun reached its zenith.

Incredibly the nights were extremely cold but a huge respite from the daytime. Everywhere you looked you saw animals you had never seen before, like reptiles and insects, but also otters that were kind of familiar.

When coyotes got to close to the caravan you and the other men tried scared them off by shouting or banging swords against shields.

You could not stop from feeling that all these animals that seemed to cross or follow in your path were simply waiting for you to die so they could feast on your bones.

Of all the natural environments you had been in during your life this was the only one where people seemed and looked like interlopers...

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