Change of tactics

JP with Lucian, Winteroak and Bandorchu

As you turn to try and get close to your pursuers it becomes clear that this will be an impossible or suicidal task. You have lost the element of surprise. With their bows and spears they can simply keep you at bay. They are not rushing madly to engage with you. No amount of dodging and covering could keep some of the concerted effort of around 10 warriors from keep pushing backwards.

Alexis has her shield but the same cannot be said from Tarmen. And soon her shield looks like a pin cushion.

Well, if nothing else, Alexis could absolutely attest to the superior quality of this shield.
She was sporting some wounds from grazing shots, but so far she was still alive and mobile.
A miracle in itself for sure.

She tried to move in a way so she was essentially an additional cover for Tarmen, as her mind raced to find another option, because clearly, this would not work.

Not enough at least, as one of the Sentinels she had worked so hard to get closer to decided to rush them with his spear.

She retreated a bit to let him come at her and away from his comrades, taking the moment to call back to Tarmen as she remembered something.

“You know, beach doesn’t sound that bad anymore. Think they would mind if we had some fun with their canoes?“

Could at least ruin their day if they were left stranded here for a while.

Even behind Alexis’s charge, Tarmen was feeling the bite of several arrows. It pissed him off, like a cornered beast just wanting to be left alone.
“I could enjoy a bit of sabotage, let them know they’re stuck with us a bit longer.”
He knew he couldn’t rush in without dying, but one little warrior overestimated their advantage and was drawn from his comrades. Sticking close to Alexis, he waited for the young man to prod before grabbing the wooden shaft and yanking the boy into a headbut. A quick slash was avenged by several more arrow heads finding purchase in his skin, deflecting several meant for his head.
“Might want to hurry our retreat though, my leather won’t stop these barbs for much longer.”

“Gotcha. Let’s do this.”

Alexis opted to step sideways, so she could be a bit more speedy without foregoing the shield’s protection for both her and Tarmen, and let him take lead towards the beach.

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