Odsier Range

For the first time since the oral traditions of the tribes commenced, since the days the first people started to retell the stories of the ancestors to their childre and their children's children, the tribes of the Odsier Nation did not come together to celebrate the Sun Festival.

Everyone even the smallest of tribes now knew war had broken across the Plains and their enemies stalked the land, killing and enslaving Erewhon's chosen children.

Bonecasters, Spiritwalkers and Oneiromancers rode the winds of the Ethereum spreading the word of the dangers they faced during their migration north. The Odonine were attacking from their mountain fastness, united under the banner of a ruthless Warchieftan. Koshnem of the Aghul, Gloomwilder, Noraura's Titan, Colossus of Fang.

Allied to his forces were the men from the stone city whose number seemed to grow by the day. Attacking from the South and from the East. Chiefly among these enemies a caste of murderous silent warriors from across the sea, that hunted the Blood of Erewhon among the tribes, led by a demon in the guise of a man with white skin and red eyes.

Many tribes merged for protection on the way North where their enemies did not dare yet chase. As the tribes merged so did their herds, and they could now been seen miles away, their noises rising to a roar with shouting drovers, the bark of cattle dogs, half wild beasts born and bred on the Odsier Plains.

The braying of the cattle and the ceaseless rumbling thunder of their hooves. The dust clouds engulfing these tribes was now impenetrable as they made their way North and away from the war.

There would be no Sun Festival this season. Not while their people bleed on the Plains...

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