Slow, but steady

JP with Winteroak and Bandorchu

Alexis and Tarmen standing shoulder strategically retreat across the moss covered floor of the ancient woods.

The sound of hoots and shouts echo through the trees. Their pursuers keep herding closer and closer to the edge of the small woods, pushing them back to the beach. Arrows fly as do some spears but as much as they control the space, their distance means they cannot make much use of their numbers.

A few times during breaks in the pesky arrows that whizz past their heads, two or three men rush forward brandishing spiked clubs trying to get closer and deal with the two in hand to hand combat.

As they step out of the woods a group of 4 men put their heads down and rushed the pair.

Seemed they had finally worn out the patience of some of them. Alexis could only hope she had it still in her to make use of this.

Trusting Tarmen with his share of attackers she moved a bit to the side trying to divide their rush. With two now definitely focusing on her, she crouched and waited as they stormed towards her, shield at the ready.

Hold it. One moment longer. … Now.

Her legs pushed her in a jump forward just as they came into reach. She bashed her shield into the face of the one to her left with both the force of her momentum and his own charge. She could only imagine all the arrow shafts embedded in the shield’s front she could see and hear breaking apart would make this an even less pleasant experience for him than it would have been otherwise.

As for the one on her right, her sudden movement threw his timing off, and instead of breaking her shoulder with the swing of his club, its spikes ‘only’ ripped a bleeding wound above her shoulder blade as they passed each other by.
Fucking painful, but definitely preferred.

Alexis caught herself after her jump and whirled around, slashing her blade in a circular motion over her adversary’s back.

Alexis and Tarmen's plan was working, slowly but surely. While their attackers had been happy to slowly push them back as they tried to encircled they suddenly to realised that the two foreigners were clearly trying to return to the beach. And although they beach offered less protection they didn't know if more were waiting for them. Plus there was the issue of their transportation back to their Island. If the my were destroyed they stranded here and easy pickings for any Odsier tribes come looking for retribution.

They pushed on trying to cut the two from getting back to the beach although the initiative slowly eroded from their grasp, as four more warriors were carved down by the two strangers.

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