Wandering lust

Desert of Skulls

Two days into your trip and the barque moors to the right side of the placid river. Animals and most passengers disembark and head inland. Shalia and Islana and their Odonine guards follow wondering why they are stopping in what looks like the middle of nowhere. The scorching sands feel as hot as a furnace. The blue endless sky above contrasts beautifully with the landscape. You don't see one single cloud in the horizon.

You crest a dune a few minutes later to find an even alien scene that you could imagine. A small lush area of greenery stands in the distance. A small fruitful dot in a endless sea of sand and dust.

The Ozainae call it an oasis. As you stand gaping at the idyllic and impossible scene in front of you Agizul explains that scattered throughout the desert are areas made fertile by a source of freshwater. Oasis are irrigated by natural springs or other underground water sources.

As you approach you see clusters of
different sizes of date palms around a decent size pond. The area will offer you and the animals, fresh water, shade and even some food.

The Ozainae set themselves to build camp and settle for the rest of the day.

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