Kicking up the sand

JP with Winteroak and Bandorchu

With all the noisy spectacle in the woods coming this way, Alexis couldn’t fault Tar for making himself scarce.
Clever man.

At least she kind of hoped that was the case and he hadn’t run into any surprise encounters himself.

She glanced approvingly at the wreckage Tarmen had managed to cause to the canoes in the minimal time he had, turning her attention to the rushing enemies.

“See how much prey you can bring back home now, mic na galla.”

She hissed, more to herself. It wasn’t likely they could understand her anyway.

Alexis burrowed her left foot into the sand, preparing to kick it up at the first fighter closing in on her. Let’s see how their eyes would agree with a load of that.

And then, well… she would just sell her hide as expensively as she could.

The warriors saw the damage Tarmen was doing to their canoes and rushed the beach. Two younger men with bones braided into their matter hairs ran at Alexis. The one in the lead threw his spear at the woman who brought her arm up up to take the missile on her shield. Before she could lower it the man jumped on the forcing her back trying to pry it from her fingers as the other warrior approached from the left.

The straps holding the shield made the task of pulling it off not quite as easy as one might think.

For now Alexis opted to hold against his attempts, and since he seemed so adamant to cling on, she turned to face the second attacker, pulling her shield arm with a jerk to manoeuvre the shield thief between her and his comrade.

She thrust her blade under the edge of her shield, aiming at her quarry’s leg.

The man went down as blood poured out into the sand and against Alexis in a spray. He released the shield grasping at his bleeding leg with a scream. Her sword had cut through muscled and tendons and likely severing an artery.

The other man brought his club down on her as arrows whizzed past them.

Alexis had been very lucky the attack came from her left, or with his comrade pulling at her shield barely a moment earlier she would not have been able to bring it up to deflect the club’s blow.

Even so, the angle was awkward and left her arm painfully numb from the impact, loosing her footing on top of that.

Finding herself on the ground, it was all she could do to roll to the side, scarcely avoiding his follow-up attack, missing her head by inches.

She hooked her legs into his, trying to bring him to the ground with her.

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