Fun and games

Great Desert of Skulls - Tarafit Sept

Tarmen watched as the men each had three turns to throw a round polish black rock towards a larger target. Some sort of point systems was in place to see who could get closer to the main target.

Wagers seemed to be small and mainly around paying for small portions of drinks which consisted of some fermented goats milk. Pretty strong considering.

Tarmen played a few rounds. Won a couple, lost a few, all the while laughing and drinking with the men, especially when stones flew past their target and hit a distracted souls that wandered to close to the edge of the field of play.

As the stalls started to close down for.the night and most men returning to their tents and camps, feeling more.srubk than he cared to admit he called it a night. Before returning to camp he went to relieve himself. Couldn't find any latrines so wandered of to the edge of the oasis.

As he passed water, he heard footsteps behind him, trudging against the sand. He turned and saw a familiar looking man grinning at him. The man threw something against Tarmen's chest. He looked down and saw a coin. Before he tottaly realised he was in danger the man blew a cloud of ash into his face.

He choked and felt conscience fade.

Tarmen tumbled to the wet sands at his feet...

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