Unexpected Help

Life flashing before one's eyes moments before death, isn't a myth, as Islana was finding out. That's what happened right as the claw grabbed a hold of her leg pulling her forward.

In what couldn't have been more than a few seconds bits and pieces of her life mingled together forming what had been the totality of the redhead's existence on Earth. The people she had met, the experiences she had been though. All of it was there then gone in an instant, before the claw on her body could be felt again.

Her leg was likely being injured from the pulling, but the mental attack had made it impossible to feel much beyond the injury from that assault.

The ground became more mud than sand, thanks to Madaya, but it didn't do anything to slow down the Skara. Nothing was helping. Islana was terrified, there was no way to prepare for the stinger's bite or poison.

Islana's body was being lifted, then lowered slightly. A snarl? Suddenly, the claw opened and the huntress fell to the ground.

There was no time to contemplate what had just happened. No time to do anything but to back away. So, she took to crawling away as best she could before turning to face the giant creature.

Praying to the Twin Gods to give her strength to fight the Skara. It could have been the Gods heard her. It also could have been that it was all in her mind, that her newly found faith, made her believe enough to find strength where there was none. Whatever it was, worked and Islana pushed herself to standing.

The Skara was being distracted by whatever had gotten her free. More snarling, more chittering. Then running out from behind the giant scorpio, it came.

Islana stood there in disbelief as she was approached, given a nod and the animal stood beside the witch, ready to fight with her.

"Thanks, again." The redhead said.

First the quicksand, now this and Islana knew it was the same one. The Sk'elep had somehow known she was in trouble and came to help her.

The Skara had been momentarily confused, it seemed, by losing sight of its prey. However, that was short lived as it spotted Islana and the Sk'elep and headed for them.

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