An Offer She Can't Refuse

JP with Winteroak and White_Caribou

Tamazzalt moved his plate slightly way signaling he was down with his morning fast. He had received reports from the barque captain of the attack and would receive word from Amastan and Agizul later today. He had an audience with the two.

"Bandits and brigands do still plague the desert." He explained. "The routes to travel the Great Desert of Skulls are not fluid. And there are still those that pray on the weak on the sands. However attacks of the priests of the faith are very rare. The power they command is considerable and usually keeps enemies at bay. Although it seems that there are still exceptions." He did vaguely wonder who would have been foolish enough to attack but had other more pressing concerns on his mind.

"I have some other business to attend this morning, but maybe we could meet again later this afternoon." He proposed. "I can give you a tour of the Reliquary." He said having seen her interest in the continent's culture.

Shalia would never really understand why the attack had happened, but for the sake of her own two fallen clansmen, she wished it were possible. May have just been how their fates were strung along the whole time. Fate was always a tricky bastard.

She drank her tea a little too eagerly and her stomach was upset now, so she was relieved when he indicated the meal had come to a close. Her green eyes lit up at his tour offer. A new trove of knowledge just waiting for her a few hours away...something to pass the time she would spend in Gra'akast doing what she loved to do: learning. Very little else drew her in completely that way. On top of that? The war plan felt stable and nearing fruition. All was well for a time. For this brief little moment in the garden.

"Of course, that would be wonderful!" A smile wavered through her words, but she radiated an undeniable energy as she moved her dishes forward. In such a delighted state, given the heightened emotion, a chilly sensation manifested the area around her. She dearly missed the libraries, galleries, and archives of old, but this would be even more intriguing if Arcadia's ancient complexities continued to strike her with fascination.

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