Wanting Each Other

JP with Omni and Lorem:

With all of the chaos of travel and survival over the last few weeks, the two of them hadn’t really discussed where they would stay and how long. What they would do to make money or supplies. They had very little information to go on.

After all they had been through, she still wanted a mark of kagim. To learn the ways of his people. For that she would have to become Vaux. The prospect of marriage hung over them but was not yet fully discussed. They were pretty much living as if they were married already. Everything was there except the actual nuptials and consummation of their bodies. A celebration with family and friends was out the window and she wondered how this would work.

She leaned over to Gonyaul and spoke quietly, “I know not what awaits us in Gra’akast… nor what the future holds… but we are alive. Survived this cursed desert. I cannot wait any longer, my love. Nothing elaborate, I just want you. We have only each other now.”

Gonyaul was off in a daydream as he gazed off towards the horizon. Their craft was a giant fish, with golden saddles, swimming just at the surface of a moving river made of molten stars. The starlight condensed into flakes of luminescent spheres that precipitated against the flow of gravity upwards. The further the lights moved from the source they would start to flicker until their frequency caused them to evaporate into thin air.

Meanwhile, the sands moved with the river on either side with the wind as paint moves upon canvas from a brush stroke. The dunes themselves shifted in hues as they reflected the river’s glow very much like a rainbow; however, whenever he looked directly at it, the illusion would return to normal. It was a fanciful daydream and it brought him much joy to imagine it.

The only thing anchoring him was his left hand laced with Voah’s right. He could dream he was lighter than air and he knew he would not drift away from her touch. It was electrifying to his sense of touch and he wondered if the sparks it created in him was the true source of the starlight river in his mind?

As Voah began speaking to him, Gonyaul shook his head as if coming out of a wistful stupor and gave her his undivided attention.

He involuntary blushed at her forward remarks. He was of like mind; however, to hear it said so openly and wantonly without being a response to a prompt had him instantly flustered and simultaneously aroused. He looked down, averting her beautiful blue eyes that felt like they would eat him up. Holding eye contact was a challenge as his racing heart was tempting him with all kinds of sensually distracting thoughts.

If Voah was indeed a golden fox and He a swift footed rabbit, Gonyaul felt he would not get two steps in before being predatorily pounced upon. The only reason his submissive body language to her desire didn’t instantly grant her advance, was they had a third party which kept both aware enough to utilize public decency.

It was cute seeing him struggle to regain his composure and form a coherent thought. When he finally did, he cleared his throat and spoke with a sureness that a mountain goat’s feet had when scaling up an impossible mountain facade.

“I think on this often. It fires my being with yearning heat that has made desert seem cool. I want you too.”

Of course, Gonyaul was probably an oddity to Voah’s experience with the opposite sex; or at the very least a rarity. Most men would have jumped at the chance to dance beneath the sheets with her. Gonyaul literally has had opportunity after opportunity to physically unite with her, yet has refrained. His level of self control was epic, especially in light of many of the moments they shared which should naturally have cascaded into sensual play as effortlessly as free objects fall to the ground. And it was no secret she physically aroused him, as the flowing flower-like nature of his cultural attire sometimes didn’t do much to hide his ‘growing’ interests.

All the while, his actions loved her whole heartedly; not yet asking anything in return. Yet, he was a Vaux. And the Vauxian had a ceremony and a way it seemed for everything. But on this matter, Gonyaul was indeed negotiating … based on their circumstances … the necessity of adaptations.

“I think we, in private, can bring together Mizar and Vaux custom in ceremony of we own making.”

It just wouldn’t be possible to recreate the entirety of a Vauxian covenant ceremony. In addition, he didn’t know Mizaran marriage norms, but he was sure their situation probably didn’t allow for everything of their ways to take place either. The two young lovers would have to be innovative. The thought of working together to invent the mode for their wedding was exciting to Gonyaul.

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