End of the road

Pilgrimage of Bones

This was it, Islana felt in the pit of her stomach as the giant scorpion grabbed at her leg, pulling her towards its mandibles and in reach of its sting.

Still reeling from the mental pain, the assault to her leg felt numbly distant. As if the pain was happening to someone else. The young huntress saw Madaya's eyes flash turning the sands beneath the Skara into mud, but her powers seemed still to be flourish and the wet ground nothing more than a simple inconvenience to the creature. Kaithak's feeble attacks did little to damage the beast's carapace.

This was it. She watched as the Skara lifted its tail and the sting the size of her forearm dripping with green poison.

She closed her eyes. In prayer, desperation maybe even regret.

That's when she heard a loud snarl and felt the claw being pulled away from her flesh...

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