Chì mi na mòr-bheanna

”…O chì, chì mi na mòr-bheanna

O chì, chì mi na còrr-bheanna

O chì, chì mi na coireachan

Chì mi na sgoran fo cheò…

Alexis had drawn her knees up towards her chest, her arms slung loosely around them, very faintly singing to herself.

It had served to calm her nerves a little and settle her frantic, jumbled thoughts.

Man, she had to deal with chac** before, but this had to take the cake.
So far.

After all, remembering some of Tar’s quirks, she had at the very least some disembodied voices no one else could hear to look forward to.

Gods, she didn’t know if she could deal with it should it come to that. But she would just have to, wouldn’t she? She highly doubted she would get any say in the matter.

Alexis rested her brow on her knees, still softly singing and letting the familiar melancholic tune drone out any thought until the last notes faded into the night.

Alright. Enough with the pity party. Feeling sorry for herself wouldn’t change a thing, just make it that much harder for her.

She had chosen this.
No, she could never have foreseen where her decisions would lead her, but it had been her choices that had brought her to this point none the less.

She could, for instance, have given up on both Islana and Hunter and just have told Tar to fuck off. Ifrinn***, she could have looked for another mercenary band back in Helias or even have dealt with the changes among the Wulvers and never set foot on Arcadia in the first place.
But she didn‘t. So, this, right here, were the consequences of her choices. Fate or no fate, it didn’t matter. Her choices, her consequences.
So she would face them.

Alexis deeply breathed in and out another time, before finally raising her head again and releasing her knees.

Looking into the flames, she squared her shoulders. The only way was forward in the end.

* ”Oh, I see, I see the great mountains

Oh, I see, I see the lofty mountains

Oh, I see, I see the corries

I see the peaks beneath the mist”


** shit

*** hell

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