JP with Omni, Redsword a Winteroak

Grey Mouth Camp - Leader's tent

Arbiter Voah steeled her nerves before entering the large tent, taking a seat across from Daaul and placing her sword behind her as Wolf advised. The man was young, but stern-looking with keen eyes.

After a few moments of translations with Jab leaning into Voah's ear, Daaul asks her directly what was being asked of the Grey Mouth for trade. She bade him greetings first.

"Well met, Daaul. We ask for 20 horses and 40 heads caribou or antelope." she asked.

The man listens to the proposal. Jab translates. Kyeh adds a few words in their own native tongue but you cannot shake the feeling that both the man and the woman understand some of what you are saying. He looks at his companion and some form of silent communication passes between them. She stands up and picks something from the back of the tent.

Voah watches as her lithe figure seems to float across the floor pelts until she stands a few feet away from her. She crouches and places a small wrapped item in front of Voah before walking back to sit next to Daaul. "Offer..." He tells the Inquisitor.

Unwrapping the thin cloth reveals a bone arm torque, intrinsically carved in the shape of some sort of snake. Its fangs reaching out towards its tail in an incomplete circle. Picking up the object it seems to undulate in the morning light, as its scales twist and turn as you hold it. Th leader points to the top of his arm just below his shoulder and armpit, indicating where the torque is worn.

The Arbiter holds it in front of her examining it and she compliments the craftsmanship and thanks them in their native tongue. Then she places it down and sets it in front of her. She then asks Blackwolf to deliver the knives he presented to the leader, wrapped in a rabbit pelt provided earlier in the journey by Hunter.

Wolf slowly pulls the knives out and places the knives at a safe distance in front of the chief two knives side by side. He gestures for the chief to pick them up. Wolf watches as they pick them up he hoped they did not cut themselves with them. They were razor-sharp. He takes his seat back beside Voah. He looked at their gift he just hope they would view their s as equal. Wolf watches the woman wondering if she is a wife, one of the leaders or maybe a medicine woman. She obviously had some influence.

Daaul looked at the blades with interest. He felt its weight on the palm of its hands, running his thumb lightly over the edge feeling for how sharp they were. He nodded his head at Voah in what looked like thanks.

He raised his hands and opened and closed his hands a few times. He spoke to Jab. The soldier did not seem sure and Kyeh stepped in to complement the translation.

"'e agrees ter de trade in one condition. 'e wants ter trade fe weapons next time..." Jab told Voah. Before you can answer the woman asks another question pointing at Voah. Jab once again translates as best as he can.

"'er is ask'n wa' de ink means." He said pointing at the Arbiter's tattoo.

“Tell them it is a symbol of my faith.” comes the reply

She points to each mark, describing the name and basic premise of each of the Gods as simply as she can while gesticulating.

“Ask if they worship any similar gods and ask what the Grey Mouth symbolizes.”

The woman, who has long black hair looks at Voah with interest at the description of the five god's the Arbiter serves. She exchanges quizzical looks with the man.

"Erewhon..." Diarah replies softly and you all seem to feel a chill run up and down your spines as she utters the words. Jab scratches his head not sure exactly how to translate the word. "Wonderland, maybe." He shrugs.

The concept of Erewhon is difficult for you three to grasp, but it's almost as if they worship one God only, that really is no God. They worship the world. Erewhon, Wonderland.

~Wonderland indeed~, she thought. The idea seemed primitive but she didn't really have enough information to form a solid opinion.

She turned to Jab, "As for the weapons... what sort are they asking for? And why? Do they have enemies?"
She asked against her own wishes for the trade to be done so she could investigate other interests.

"Swords..." Jab translated. " the tribal leader motioned to Blackwolf pointing towards the outside of the tent. "Enemies everywhere..." the leader told Voah in halting speech.
Kyeh stepped forward and asked Blackwolf and Jab along to conduct the selection of the animals they would be taking back to Ostiarium.

Before he departed the scholar whispered to the Arbiter. "Arbiter, swords cost too much. it would be like 10 horses per sword. The best we can do would be dagger long knives and better bows and arrow tips." suggested Wolf.

She could understand the feeling. 'Enemies abound... to be sure.'
While Voah was alone, she asked the leader. "You feel unevenly matched? Daaul, what have these people done to yours?"

Of course, she had heard one side of the story, but she wanted to try to get the other side as well. That is, if Daaul could understand her.

"Grey Mouth are a very large tribes." the young woman said very clearly to Voah's surprise. "Largest in the lower plains." she smiled as she moved closer to the Arbiter
The leader held the knives that were gifted. "Good metal. Strong. Sharp." he said as if it was an answer to Voah's question.

Voah nodded in agreement. "Diarah, you speak our tongue very well."

"We are learning, sun-hair." the woman said. There was obviously more to her interest in Voah. "Dreams haunt you..."

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