The Wulvers were a rather small band, always numbering between twenty to thirty members.

That usually meant they would better suited for specialized tasks, scouting, guarding specific locations or do fast and subtle missions beyond enemy lines. Along those lines. It meant the upkeep and organisation tended to go a lot smoother than in massive bands like the Purple Legion. On the other hand it meant when there were losses, it hurt.

Coming back to find that Seoras seemed to have acquired new members to replace the fallen and impaired, and then some, left Alexis a little… uneasy. With the peculiar tenets of the Wulvers, the leaders had been just as meticulous in picking members as they had been with contracts. The had always made sure applicants knew what they were getting themselves into. Looking at her new colleagues, she doubted that had been the case with them.

But maybe she was just being cross with some of them looking at both Marsili and her like they were mascots rather than warriors of equal standing. Or onboard entertainment of a different kind.
It was… bearable, she supposed. She got that treatment a lot outside of the band and was kind of used to it. Not being a wide eyed young lass anymore helped a lot to dissuade such unwanted attention, and if not neither herself nor Marsili, almost a dancer with a spear in her hand, had any trouble to get physical with them in the not so enjoyable way.
So some shared battlefields and a black eye or two should settle that problem.

The contracts Seoras procured were… alright, she supposed? Definitely more on the… risky side. Now the Wulvers under the founders’ leadership never shied away from danger. But they did tend to choose contracts that were more aimed at protecting Garrah from the incursions of Salos and Torja. Guarding mountain paths, bolstering local clans’ defenses, gathering intelligence, sabotage invasion attempts. That kind of thing.

Now with Seoras in the lead they were gradually moving into the thick of things, around were the realms of Garrah, Torja and Salos met, and where the majority of the conflicts between the kingdoms were fought. Here they served as scouts and were issued to carry out swift and precise strikes against small but strategically important targets.

So yeah, there was some change to the inner workings of the Wulvers, but that was to be expected, right? It should not feel as off as it did for such minor hiccups.
Most likely it was simply her missing her father and the way things used to be.

If only those hiccups didn’t keep adding up.

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