Letter to the Council of Elders of the Inquisition Office

Esteemed Council, may the blessings of the Pillars continue to shine their light upon the High Office of the Inquisition and guide our brothers and sisters on their fight against the Maleficium.

I write to you from the village of Nulbuzar, in the heartland of Mizar. For months now we have been beseeched by strange and eerie occurrences that I believe are worth of your attention.

Two years ago an hermit, claiming to be a follower of Panolis, sought our blessing to move into a cave in the hills overlooking our humble village.

Our parish agreed to the request after long deliberations and at first seemed the right choice had been made.

The woman was clearly knowledgeable in the field of natural healing and even assisted a few of our flock as a midwife, when the Pillars deemed that new life should bolster our numbers.

Strangers took to visit her. Nomads for the most part, who always kept their distance from village but were seen seeking communion with the hermit, bringing her offerings and gifts.

A few months ago our farmers started to find dead animals from our herds, slaughtered not by beasts, but by blades, some of their organs, especially their hearts and livers, missing, the rest of their carcasses left unharvested.

Not long after, a child went missing while tending to its family sheep. Vanished almost without trace. One of our rangers tracked the missing child to the hills near the hermit's cave, where he found a still smouldering pit filled with tiny brittle human bones. The hermit was seen collecting ashes from the fire.

I believe we have a witch in our midsts. The population is terrified of the woman who has become volatile and belligerent since her suspicious actions came to light.

We humbly ask that you dispatch an Arbiter to investigate the matter and help our people, by either clearing the woman of any wrong doing or exterminate her.

As my word is by bond, I swear upon the Five that my account is true and that I am aware of the penalties for raising false testimony to the High Office of the Inquisition.

Auctor Merkiixh

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