Rarak Sept

A week after her would be assassins had been exiled the Horde was ready to move again. Close to eight hundred warriors joined the ranks, chief among the eldest son of the Rarak Sept leader. A young man in his early twenties, a great boon for the Seer that the leader of one of the largest Sepra was willing to send his first born with the Horde.

Preparations were being made for the army to continue their journey south towards the Odsier Winter Pastures and from their, towards Ostiarium.

The nights had not been easy for Islana, since the attempt on her life. The voices of the other Sisters grew louder especially when she dreamt. Many were upset at her for a perceived lack of strength in leadership, while others agreed on the path of mercy. But many others appeared to simply scream in ways she could not make sense of.

On the day the Horde resumed their march south Agizul suggested that soon she make contact with the Odonine Warchieftan to talk tactics...

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