JP with Lucian, Winteroak and Bandorchu

Much had changed in Ostiarium, but the Drunken Hare seemed unaffected by everything that happened above it and the changes across the city. The old man and his giant rabbit still sat at the door. The stairs leading down still creaked and stank of piss and vomit. The main room was still dim and filled with smoke and of course the drinks were still watered down.

But this would always be where it all began. Where almost everyone in the Greyriver company had met that day after coming off the boats after their hellish journey to Arcadia.

A few heads turned as you entered the room but quickly turned back to its cups sensing that you were not to be trifled with.

Maybe a year ago you would have been challenged by some ruffian or another but now everyone with half a brain could sense to give you a wide berth.

Fascinating, really, that in all of Ostiarium this would be the place to stay true to itself. Alexis already didn’t regret to come in, even though with their track record, actually happening upon the man they were looking for seemed highly unlikely.
Even so the shabby interior of the Hare managed to bring about the first feel of nostalgia since their return.
Sad enough.

However, unfortunately they hadn’t come to toast to the good old days. So Alexis slowly moved through the well visited tap room, scrutinising the patrons in search for a certain knight who she had known to haunt the tavern every once in a while despite his standing calling for a higher class of watering hole.

Peering around the drunkards for the telltale shine of the balding head they were looking for, Tarmen felt odd.
So many memories began here, yet walking around felt like scouting a new place. He had felt more nostalgia returning to Ekero’s home than here, the Tarmen then being so different.
Even when he joined Alexis, there was still the man that would laugh in any fight, spit blood in his enemies face and never fear what came next.
Oh, to be that fool again.
He followed close behind Alexis, unable to contain a distant chuckle upon seeing the same table he had broken before leaving. Truly nothing had changed here.

There was not sign of the Knight but as fate would have it after looking around some more Alexis and Tarmen spotted someone familiar. Sargent Carver was sitting in one corner alone. Her table filled with empty cups and a jug of ale.

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